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When you set up a company, it can be a headache looking for offices to rent. Will the space be big enough for what you want to use it for? Are you committing on an office let that is too expensive and too long-term to be of any good to you?

It’s hard to afford a standard office in any location, let alone a desirable or suitable location. The immediate solution to that is working and operating from home. Whilst that is certainly cost effective, it’s not really providing the right impression for your customers having no fixed business address.

What do virtual office packages offer you?

A Mailing Address

It has been suggested by some professionals that virtual or serviced offices give a business the prestige they need to attract top-tier clients.

You want business cards to hand out at every networking opportunity, but of course you don’t want to put your home address on it. The address element of a virtual office gives you a mailing address, and many will handle your mail professionally for you. There are no concerns that you will have a customer arrive at your actual front door without warning

Call Handling

You also need a business line, but you don’t want to pay a lot of external line charges for a business number at your property. You also want some privacy and screening of your calls but you don’t have a particular employee to do this for you.

You can have a business phone number answered professionally — and in your company name. You wouldn’t have to deal with any unnecessary marketing calls you don’t have time to take. Many will forward business calls direct to a number of your choice after answering them. Only people with whom you wish to have your personal mobile number will have it.

This frees your time because you aren’t taking unnecessary calls — only business calls you want at times you are available. This gives your company more credibility when coupled with a good city center address.

Conference Rooms

You don’t want clients turning up to your house, and you want something more professional than a hotel conference room close to your residence.

If clients need to meet at your office, then you can take advantage of meeting rooms you can use whilst maintaining your high-end image. This is often offered in packages that exude a high level of professionalism every step of the way.

Online Data Storage

You have the location, the phone number, and the meeting room to promote yourself in. Can you take it any further?

Modern work methods coupled with big leaps in technology allows us to use data storage and fast file sharing. How do you make this work for you?

Using cloud computing stops the common problems of a corrupted hard disk or a lost flash drive. Don’t lose your head over it; invest in paperless office technology. The perfect way for your employees all over the world to access the same information all held securely in one place.

Take advantage of having a flexible business and working environment. Keeping your information secure and professional whilst maintaining your low overheads truly is next step and next challenge.

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  1. Virtual offices are a good idea for both small business owners and freelancers. It is economically beneficial and it does not bind you to a certain place and you can work even while you are on vacation. We agree with you that it is a good flexible business and we think virtual offices are the offices of the future.


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