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See what’s coming at NeoCon East this year – October 17-18, 2012 – Baltimore, Maryland


Three H‘s Create Office Platform

Create Office Platform™ is a dynamically elegant single source platform on which four distinctive office design applications are built. Apps that are fundamental to the way efficient and intelligent offices now work. CLUB, STUDIO, FORUM AND PARK… Apps that provide creative design freedom with an impressively striking range of components; including desk-top, storage and panel options, creating work environments perfectly tailored to individual tasks. From the baseline of a single platform components are added to shape the environment spanning the classic private office layout to the fashionable open landscape.

Exhibit # 1909


Teknion‘s RBT

RBT is a visually distinct, ergonomically focused task chair. With superior comfort and adjustability, RBT’s responsive back technology encourages proper posture, promotes dynamic movement and harmoniously responds to the shape and the size of the user. Its unique silhouette, created by an aluminum support structure and series of ribs and linkages, enables the chair to continuously adapt to the changing positions of the user throughout the day.

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Teknion‘s Sidewise

Best of Neocon Silver Sidewise takes a fresh approach to smaller, less-formal workspaces in open-plan environments. With lounge-, desk- and counter-height options, Sidewise addresses the unique needs of a shifting workplace. Designed to support individual and collaborative work, Sidewise also accommodates new workstyles, integrates new technologies and optimizes space. The series boasts an array of storage configurations, sizes and finishes that offer solutions to the functional and aesthetic demands of the modern workplace.



Davis Furniture‘s Fina

The options are truly endless with Wolfgang C.R. Mezger’s new Fina chair series. While sublimely understated in design, this chair represents just how far the limits of bent plywood technology can be pushed by using a thinner shell than ever before. Fina is deceptively comfortable, too. The slight concave shape of the seat and backrest create the feeling of being cradled in a gentle embrace. Its incredibly thin shell contributes to a look of elegance and allows for more flexibility in the back. User comfort is further enhanced with a waterfall edge along the front of the seat.

Exhibit #: 2217



KI‘s Backbone Media Platform

With a diverse range of portable media devices being used in schools and businesses, there is an increasing demand for media sharing and technology integration within furniture solutions. Backbone is designed to respond to this growing demand. Backbone is a media-sharing platform that supports technology, optimizes collaboration and enhances flexibility. Backbone has two adaptable forms: a single table unit or a multiple table unit, both of which offer ideal solutions for technology integration and media sharing.

Exhibit # 1957


KI‘s Hub Modular Seating

Hub™ brings contemporary styling to modular seating. It’s as reconfigurable as it is versatile and can be ganged together to create modular layouts, or be used as stand-alone pieces. Power and data capabilities can be incorporated. The sled base allows for ease of movement or reconfiguration to promote collaboration in any setting, while the optional architectural elements can bring impact to any space. The Hub Collection includes seating, tables, docking table and architectural elements.

Exhibit #: 1957


KI’s Lightline Movable Wall

Lightline™ is a pre-assembled, unitized glass wall solution that unifies architecture and office furniture. It provides the look of a sophisticated storefront, yet has flexible elements which promote reuse by adapting to business changes quickly, efficiently and environmentally. Unlimited butt-glazing lets you design spaces with no visual breaks, because Lightline doesn’t require vertical posts. And its thinner, smaller rectilinear profiles go practically unnoticed. Lightline seamlessly connects with KI’s Genius movable walls, becoming the market standard solution for technology interface, furniture integration and solid panel solutions (i.e. markerboards, tackboards).

Exhibit #: 1957


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