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Katherine Tracey


Faces: Meet Vito Chiodo

As Director of Property at Telstra, Vito Chiodo manages the largest commercial property portfolio in Australia and the property requirements for Telstra--â„¢s international business.

WORKTECH: Melbourne, February 2013

Financial institutions, design firms, and property and technology companies are gearing up to hear from speakers like Philip Ross (CEO, Cordless Group) and Hugh...

It’s All About the Task Chair

Here are some new products for November's issue on "It's All in the Details."

A Flooring Company That Caters to a Designer’s Process

Siena has rethought its design and delivery process; it provides complete solutions that include multiple varieties of flooring materials and finishes organized by color and material specifically to save time.

New Products at NeoCon East

Check out new products that will be featured at NeoCon East, October 17 & 18, 2012!

Coworking in New York: Nomad Works

How we work is changing, but where we work isn't. Over the last 10 years, a new way of working has emerged, along with some people who live it every day

Coworking in New York: Green Spaces

We're a great example of the hot, collaborative consumption movement. It is more efficient and economical to pool resources than to purchase them just for your own business.

Coworking in New York: New Work City

New Work City is a community first and a business second. That means everything we do flows from a different place than a more real-estate or profit-driven workspace model.

Products for the Work Garden

Check out some cool products that go well in any environment-friendly area.

BIG Things are Happening at NeoCon (Jun 11-13, 2012)

Encompassing over 1 million square feet throughout 10 floors of the Merchandise Mart, NeoCon boasts more than 700 exhibitors and showrooms showcasing thousands of cutting-edge product introductions.

NeoCon 2012 Products

Heading to NeoCon 2012 in Chicago June 11-13? Take a look at some great new products that will be there:

Products with Glass

Check out the latest products with glass

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