A Flooring Company That Caters to a Designer’s Process

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Each organization we design for recognizes the importance of creating a place that uniquely represents its business and culture. Our projects also contain many more materials and components spanning hardware, furniture, audio-visual systems, security systems, finishes, and materials. As designers, we relish the opportunity to try out many of these new items in the projects we design.

But exploring all of these new tools – while honoring the personality of the organization – is time-consuming and increasingly collaborative. Today, we coordinate systems and real-estate professionals while exploring everything from new lighting to technology products. The breadth of a designer’s responsibility is only expanding.


Siena Flooring, Cork Installation

Take flooring, for example; many young designers spend hours pulling out books and books of carpet samples to find the perfect finish. The way the sample books were organized was by pattern, and the names rarely helped understand any organization. They’d have to pull out 20 books or more, open them all to find a color and a pattern that made sense and that worked with the rest of the palette.

Siena Books Collection

Fortunately, there is a flooring manufacturer that is sensitive to this reality designers face.

Siena has rethought its design and delivery process; it provides complete solutions that include multiple varieties of flooring materials and finishes organized by color and material specifically to save time. If you’re close on the color, you can see other options that might be better options or could be used as an alternative. It’s all right there, in front of you.

Siena Book Collection, opened

They’ve gone further by creating a great website with beautiful images; it is clean, well-organized, and easy-to-navigate. If designers want to order samples, they just have to click on what they want. It’s an easy and fun way to select materials and finishes. But more importantly it provides a broad range of potential options quickly and in a manner that has never really been available before.

Siena Collection on the Website

The process that we go through today is much more complex. And while new technologies like Revit and other tools that have dramatically improved the quality of our work, the challenge of organizing and coordinating the information is tough. Designers already are pushing the limits of their ability to effectively manage the massive amounts of data, process it, and produce a meaningful design and well-coordinated set of drawings. All of this takes time, more time!

Most of them are very passionate about their work and spend many extra hours to develop something meaningful for their clients; they provide services, but frequently spend the time to make sure it is done right. Overall the quality of our work is increasing. A product like Siena’s helps to make things just a little bit easier.

This was a paid article by ALKS & Associates, a manufacturer’s representative group located in the Washington, DC area.

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