5 Questions with Masland’s Stephen Cocozza

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We sat down with Steve Cocozza, executive vice president of marketing for Masland Contract, whose textile collections can be seen in projects from Northrop Grumman to the Helicopter Association. Masland also sponsored “Designing for Employee Interaction,” a panel discussion we hosted in Washington, DC. Here, Steve talks about who they are — and what makes their carpets, rugs, and services different.

Which products or services are you best-known for?
“Our signature collections, which appeal to a wide design audience. We are also a manufacturer with a wide breadth of broadloom and modular technologies. And we have a complete standard and custom-rug program, which makes us a great source for custom projects in any market segment.”

How are you influencing the way people do work and/or design for work today?
“For the designer, we strive to make the process as easy as possible. This allows them the freedom to spend more time creatively and less time on resourcing.”

Which workplace shifts are influencing your business the most?

“The shift occurring in our industry is the transition to carpet tile. It has led the industry and designers to think about flooring in terms of the mosaic rather than a canvas, opening new doors in design and functionality.”

What are the trends or topics that are impacting how you do business?
“We are much more technology oriented than we were 10 years ago. Communications, manufacturing equipment, and design processes are all heavily reliant on the latest technologies available.”

How are you promoting your products/services in today’s marketplace?

“We communicate our messaging mainly through sample vehicles, Earth friendly media, and a highly trained sales force. Masland Contract is also proud to join forces with Division 9 Associates, Inc., in the DC & Baltimore markets. It’s led by Larry Hooper and Scott Goldman, and is an independent sales agency founded on the principal of service. They deliver premium products that support your designs without compromising the budget.”

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