Quicken Loans’ Detroit 2.0 Office

ROSSETTI designed the dense work station format to include Herman Miller sit-to-stand flexible work stations, demountable wall offices, and open, brightly lit rooms. A variety of activated lounge spaces encourage spontaneous meetings. For their new cafeteria, Quicken Loans asked for an all-you-can-eat approach. The vibrant space has the potential to activate a 24/7 youth culture movement that will power the Detroit cityscape forward.

GSA Boosts Staff Collaboration in Half the Workstation Space

The Rocky Mountain regional office has reduced allocated space per employee by 48%, from 145 square feet per person down to 100. When compared to the traditional cube layout, the new designs reduce real estate footprint, material consumption, and overall cost of each workstation. Fewer square feet per person allows for a larger workforce in the same envelope, and when a workstation’s cost to build can be halved, it becomes easier to grow.

Designing for a Younger Edelman Public Affairs

Edelman wanted an urban environment that mirrored the artsy feeling created in their office by their young workforce. So they hired RTKL to focus on the specific design elements of Edelman’s workplace that conflicted with their mission for a younger, more collaborative workspace.

NDI Measures its New Design

Workseats increased from 248 to 320; SF per workseat decreased from 215 to 156; approximate SF savings of 28 percent – and these are just a few of the metrics NDI knows about its new design.