Quicken Loans’ Detroit 2.0 Office

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Among the finalists of our Work Design Now series sponsored by Haworth is Quicken Loans, which ROSSETTI designed.

For their new Detroit offices, Quicken Loans purchased Chase Tower, a historic 1960s bank building located in the city’s urban core. After working with ROSSETTI on the office renovation, there is little about the interior that still resembles a bank.

By using intense graphics and neon colors inspired by video gaming culture, ROSSETTI imaginatively repurposed the offices to energize a young workforce while personifying the client’s vibrant culture.

Said Melissa Price, director of facilities and business office services at Quicken Loans, “We are constantly keeping an eye out for the edgy, weird, and different because it pushes people to grow and improve. At the core of the company is the belief that there is always a better way.”jbd

The 14-floor, 500,000 square-foot building — also known as the Qube — houses Quicken Loans’ largest training and call center for 1,500 employees.

ROSSETTI designed the dense workstation format to include Herman Miller sit-to-stand flexible work stations, demountable wall offices, and open, brightly lit rooms. A variety of activated lounge spaces encourage spontaneous meetings.

For their new cafeteria, called Qzine, Quicken Loans asked for an all-you-can-eat approach to the food and the environment.

ROSSETTI combined casual comfort with boisterous colors and creative food stations. Seating vignettes feature gas fireplaces, sofas, and arm chairs that beckon employees to relax and socialize.

To divide the 36,500 square-foot room into a friendlier scale, ROSSETTI exaggerated the structural columns into shapely sculptures, then covered them with IdeaPaint to encourage spontaneous note taking or doodling.

Qzine is so inviting that Quicken Loans’ rents the space for weddings and bar mitzvahs. It’s perfectly aligned with their ultimate goal: to develop a creative, tech-focused city center where people live, work, and play.

Called Detroit 2.0, it has the potential to activate a once listless and aged downtown area into a 24/7 youth culture movement that powers the cityscape forward.

Location: Detroit, MI
Size: 500,000 sf
Completed: September 2012

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