NeoCon East: Recap and Highlights

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The 11th NeoCon East brought over 7,000 attendees and more than 250 exhibitors to the Baltimore Convention Center — a showing that defied worries of low-attendance during a historic government shutdown.

Said President of Arcadia, Casey Journigan, “Even with the government shutdown, we feel this year’s show was equal to, if not better than, last year. We were also impressed with the quality of products and the positive energy the other manufacturers brought to the show. It speaks to the good reputation of NeoCon East. This show is definitely an important one for us.”

The draw this year? In one word: research. The exhibitors were not only showcasing new technologies, but were teeming with information from a research perspective. The products were certainly impressive, but to hear about the data that influenced the innovation helped to generate energy and enthusiasm from exhibitors and attendees alike.

Exhibitors encouraged attendees to stop in for more than a pitch. The booths became classrooms, showcasing designs as well as a wealth of information. The conversations in them were exciting, informative, and organic. NeoCon East also provided programming and seminars for a range of audiences, with over 30+ accredited CEUs.

IIDA honored two exhibitors with the 2013 NeoCon East Booth Design Award.

According to the IIDA, “The NeoCon East Booth Design Award honors originality of design, visual impact, effective use of materials and the outstanding use of space, color, texture, lighting and graphics in booths at NeoCon East 2013.”

The Large Booth honors went to Bentley, for their Western Edge Collection. The Small Booth honors went to Metal, a Michigan-based design and fabrication firm, for their innovative and creative take on product finishes and design.

The world of design is changing. Events like NeoCon East provide a platform for conversation between architects, designers, facility managers, dealers/distributors, purchasing managers, and others. It’s no secret that collaborative design is more important than ever, and NeoCon East showed the growing emphasis on collaborating to optimize that design process.

Here are some of the pieces that caught our eye this year:

1. Urbio and Those “Magnetic” Bright Green Pants

Urbio uses strong magnets in a creative organizational product with a wonderful aesthetic. Urbio is collaboration between Beau Oyler, Jared Aller and the Enlisted Design team.

2. Borgo Seating — the Privee Line

Borgo Seating at NeoCon East
Borgo Seating at NeoCon East

The “Privee” line from Borgo Seating is a perfect getaway for interior spaces.

3. Herman Miller’s Imagery

Herman Miller booth had great imagery and infographics.
Herman Miller booth had great imagery and infographics.

Herman Miller had a great showing this year — especially with the imagery in their booth.

4. Suzanne Tick Inc., Collaborates with Teknion — Awesome Colors and Textures

Suzanne Tick Inc.'s collaboration with Teknion produced some great results
Suzanne Tick Inc.’s collaboration with Teknion produced some great results

Teknion’s collaboration with New York-based textile designer Suzanne Tick brings interesting new colors and textures to their furniture collection.

5. Allseating Shows Off Their You™ Chair

Allseating You™ Chair
Allseating You™ Chair

Allseating‘s You™ Chair was a great chair to take a second and rest your feet in — which numerous attendees were doing throughout the day.

6. OFS Brands’ Jux Benching System

OFS Brands' new Jux benching system
OFS Brands’ new Jux benching system

OFS Brands had a wonderfully interactive booth, and their new Jux benching system was on display. Being able to walk through gave a clear sense of the variety of their product line as well as its function.

Other Images from NeoCon East

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