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This year at NeoCon, Coalesse added a new line of conference chairs to their larger Massaud Collection, created in partnership with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. And we’re not getting paid to say this: they were the most comfortable new chairs there. They’re sleek and customizable, too, and meant to fulfill office needs ranging from conferencing and collaboration to personal work. We tracked down a rep at Coalesse to find out more.
Bob Fox checks on a new Massaud Conference Collection chair at NeoCon.
WDM publisher Bob Fox affirms that, yes, this is probably the most comfortable new chair at NeoCon. Photo snapped in the Coalesse showroom, June 10, 2014.

How will the new additions to the Massaud Collection impact the workplace?

They give the user a variety of postures and expressions across a single product line, which reduces the visual chaos of the workplace, thus creating a more relaxing work environment overall.

Do you think the chairs contribute to “new ways of working”?

As a greater variety of settings and postures are being leveraged within the workplace, this solution can support a wider range of ways a user might want to work. This product line gives more options for degree of formality and type of material, and its flexibility makes it a wonderful solution for a broader range of spaces.

What was the inspiration behind the chair?

The product was inspired by nature’s ability to add a skin or dressing to an amazing skeleton. Like putting on a coat, the structure of the chair is expressive and beautiful, and a cover is added to make an inviting, luxurious final product.

What do you think our readers will love most about it?

People will love the sensibility of the details and its ability to function in a wide range of locations and situations. The chair is a new modern classic and will be relevant for centuries to come

What is the price?

Starting at $1300 (US List)

When can we buy it?

It will be available this winter and soon will also be manufactured in Europe for our global customers.

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