Upcoming Webinar: Design in Post-Gender Society

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Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie is a Workplace Consultant at Herman Miller and the former Editor of Work Design Magazine. She’s currently based in Pittsburgh.
Register now for our August 5th webinar! Tickets are available here.
Old ways of working. Via Playboy Magazine 1961. L to R: George Nelson, Edward Wormely, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames, and Jens Risom.
Old ways of working. L to R: George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames, and Jens Risom. Image from Playboy Magazine, 1961.

We are pleased to announce that our next Work Design webinar will take place on Tuesday, August 5 from 2:00-3:00 PM EDT. Our presenter will be Suzanne Tick, founder of Suzanne Tick Inc., creative director of Teknion Textiles, and design director at Tandus. The event is sponsored by Tandus Centiva.

The presentation — His and Hers: Design in Post-Gender Society is an observation of design in today’s western culture and how architecture, fashion, design, and art are seen through the lens of these new gender embodiments. Now more than ever, we’re living in a time of gender revolution, and our increasingly post-gender society is moving beyond gendered identities, toward a state of inclusion of new and different perspectives. Starting with the traditional office — once the exclusive domain of men, reflected accordingly in mid-20th century workplace — Suzanne will show us, with compelling imagery, how artists, architects, and designers are working within this discourse to promote change.

The event is AIA/CES certified, and the learning objectives include:

  • How traditional masculine and feminine roles have been challenged through advances in science and technology
  • How and why traditionally “masculine” forms and masses have historically dominated architecture
  • How women’s rise to prominence in business has helped to shift the dominating forms and motifs in art, architecture, and design
  • How art, architecture, and design is beginning to reflect our post-gender society

We hope you’ll be able to join us! Tickets are available here. If you have any questions, please email Katie Sargent, our PR, marketing, and events coordinator at [email protected].

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