Can a Finish Become the Start of Something New? J&J Flooring Says Yes!

J&J’s Form and Finish Collection previewed at NeoCon 2017 and inspired by Detroit artisan pottery studio

For more than a century, a small studio in Detroit made clay into ceramic. With careful hands and lightest touch, Pewabic pottery is shaped, thrown and fired. Changing, and then changing again. But it is the finish that defines the work: an iconic, iridescent glaze that infuses every piece with striking movement and beautiful fluidity, perfect in its imperfections.

Earlier this year, J&J’s design team traveled to the studio where they became part of the glazing process. Intrigued and inspired, they returned home, asking, can a finish become the start of something new?

Influenced by what they experienced at that visit, the team produced six new modular carpet tiles utilizing the concepts of texture, luster, pattern and dimension, patterns that can be mixed and matched creating myriad configurations.

Six patterns, Amorphous, Atmospheric, Emulsion available in 24” Square tiles and 13 colorways. Organic Raku comes in 12 colorways and is available in 18” x 36” planks. Fracture (24” Square tiles) comes in 12 colorways and Flux (12” x 48 planks) is available in 6 colorways, are part of the company’s Kinetex tiles – an alternative textile composite flooring system containing more than 55% recycled content.

The Form + Finish Collection is a line of six flooring products that include texture, luster, pattern, and dimension. Photo courtesy of J&J Flooring

Who designed this product?

The product was designed by the J&J Flooring Group Product Design Team.

Can you speak to the design features and technical innovations?

The tiles feature plush textures and were intentionally designed to be installed as a non-patterned solution so that pattern repeats are minimized. Each pattern has a unique aesthetic. The Amorphous pattern transforms contrasting neutrals and bold hues into a graphic pattern that varies depending on installation. Atmospheric takes on the form of a textured surface with the finish of glazed color; and Emulsion suggests a freeform effect.

Three of the products utilize ColorPoint tufting technology to create the luxurious textures and energetic patterns. This technology allows for multiple pile heights, sophisticated cut and loop construction, intricate yarn placement, and a more continual pattern through horizontal and vertical tufts.

All four products are manufactured using J+J Flooring Group’s Encore BCF Nylon, a high-performance solution dyed yarn/dyed combination nylon with lifetime performance warranties; and ColorLoc* Plus, a bleach resistant technology enabling carpets to resist permanent staining from both acid (coffee, sodas, tea, wine) and disperse-type agents (betadine, ketchup, mustard).

The two Kinetex products, Fracture and Flux round out the collection. Fracture is reminiscent of the patterning of a ceramic crackle glaze for an aged look. Both feature bold organic patterns and color combinations that was into each other along with fluid patterning that also reflects the art of ceramic glazing techniques.

The materials used in the construction of Flux and Fracture also contribute to sound absorption, comfort, and improved traction (when compared to a hard surface) which can help prevent slips and falls, and enhanced indoor air quality. Textile composite flooring products combine the warmth and feel of a soft surface with the durability and maintenance of a hard surface.

Image of Amorphous courtesy of J&J Flooring Group

How will the product impact the workplace?

The ability to installed without concern for pattern repeats lends this product to installation in large open areas, corridors and individual offices. Aesthetics aside, these products also offer other advantages post installation. The Kinetex products are extremely stain resistant and can withstand up to 5 million foot traffics with minimal wear. The life cycle cost is less than that of rubber, LVT and VCT. Additionally, Fracture and Flux are standard with PreFix™, a pre-applied releasable adhesive that allows for installation over concrete with an RH up to 99%, thus reducing the need for moisture mitigation.

With current emphasis on making environmentally responsible design decisions, note that the Kinetex products have a 50% lower environmental impact than traditional flooring. Containing more than 55% recycled content, they are also fully closed-loop recyclable. Both are NSF 140 Platinum certified and have an EPD and HPD available for complete transparency.

All Form+Finish flooring products are manufactured in J+J’s advanced vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Dalton, GA, the industry’s first third-party certified zero-waste-to-landfill facility. This facility also meets ISO 14001 Environmental management System Certification, ISO 14001:2015.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

We think designers will love the flexibility to pair and install the carpet and Kinetex products together. The Form + Finish collection also pairs with J+J’s new LVT products which further expands flooring solutions. The concept behind the collection was to create a group of products in a range of price points, patterns, construction and sizes to work together and could be installed throughout an interior space. Each product can be combined or used on their own. The estimated price point for Kinetex is $ 4.00 PSF installed. The carpet pricing ranges from mid $ 30’s – high 40’s installed.

Image of Form + Finish products paired together courtesy of J&J Flooring Group

When will the product be available?

Previewed at Neocon 2017, the product will be introduced starting in September.


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