The Shifting Priorities of US Workers, How to Increase Productivity in Your Office, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

There’s an increasing trend in the Asian co-working industry for longer contract terms – Image courtesy of Allwork.Space
  • The priorities of US workers are shifting in the new world of work. According to a recent survey from LinkedIn and Harris, employees who once desired the status of a corner office, how want more personal development opportunities, flexible working, and autonomy. Check out the detailed survey stats from Insight.
  • Need to increase productivity in your office? Check out this list of design fixes from the Forbes Finance Council that could greatly impact the way you and your team performs at work.
  • Although it may seem counter-intuitive, tech companies are encouraging workers to spend LESS time in front of their screens and more with their colleagues. According to the International Business Timescompanies are designing offices accordingly with nearly 60 percent of tech office space being devoted to shared environments.
  • Recent data from Instant Offices and Cushman Wakefield found that businesses can save up to 73 percent by renting co-working space in many of the world’s major cities. Allwork.Space reports that while Hong Kong is the most expensive place to rent office space in the world, renting a co-working desk is almost three times cheaper in Hong Kong and almost two times less in London.
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