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How Real-Time Data is Revolutionizing Workplace Design 

A closer look into the role IoT and real-time data are playing in workplace design and how businesses are already benefiting from it.

Why You Shouldn’t Fall Prey to the Lure of Fancy Co-Working Spaces, and Other Industry News

Experts claim it's still premature to conclude that co-working spaces are advantageous, Legal spaces are beginning to reinvent their traditional offices for greater efficiency, and more news.

Amazon HQ2 and the new geography of work, and other industry news

Amazon's HQ2 reveals how geography and mobility are becoming major workplace drivers, millennial loneliness might be playing a part in the rise of office catch-all spaces, and more news.

Why Co-Working Needs to Change to Co-Creation for Survival

Parthajeet Sarma argues that the future of co-working lies in a co-creation model where startup focused co-working centers begin to adopt best practices from collaborative working and incubation centers.

Getting the Workplace Ready for Gen Z, and Other Industry News

How to prepare your workplace for Gen Z, an open office survey will results that will surprise no one, and more news from around the web.

Customer-First Design: Learning from Hospitality, Education, and Retail

While modern workplace environments have become highly specialized, should designers be looking for inspiration from successful organizations in other parts of the economy?

How Consumers and Workers are Shifting the Public Space Paradigm and Other Industry News

What people really want in their public and work spaces, commercial towers across the country are dangling amenities associated with luxury apartment living, and more news from around the web.

A New Orleans Co-Working Space Offers Connection and Community

The heart of The Shop--a co-working development in New Orleans--is its commons space, which aims at offering connection and community. 

How Companies Are Incorporating Biophilic Design, And Other Industry News

Examples of how major companies are incorporating biophilia into workplace design, four strategies to empower people to embrace workplace change, and other industry news.

Breaking IT Out of the Basement, and Other Industry News

Steelcase's renovation of IT's workspace meant breaking out of the basement, how pop-up workspaces are boosting independent business in London, and more.

Something Worse Than the Open Office, and Other Industry News

Have we invented something worse than the open office?, how to tell the difference between shared office space and co-working, and more industry news.

Why Women-Centric Work Spaces Matter, And Other Industry News

Why we should be talking about why women want women-only work spaces in the first place, how traditional offices kill happiness, and more news from around the web.

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