Gunlocke SileaEH: Unlocking Adaptable, Functional, and Modern

Gunlocke’s new SileaEH gives you the freedom of choice. See this new collection in person on the 11th floor of theMart in showroom #1126.

Tell us how you’re expanding the SileaEH case goods line?

Building on the successful Silea™ case goods portfolio, designer Mitch Bakker, principal of IDaDesign, wanted to expand the possibilities across the workplace with SileaEH by providing furniture applications that would integrate seamlessly in both enclosed and open workspaces. The introduction increases the choice of materials and options and incorporates height-adjustable work surfaces, expanding the flexibility and functionality of the product. IDaDesign has included design choices to furnish the enclosed office, still essential for concentrated work, but also includes configurations with a minimal footprint and simple aesthetic for small workspaces, as well as collaborative furniture used in the open plan. Designers have the freedom to specify a range of materials – standard – on a product portfolio that can be utilized across the floor plate or throughout a facility.

What was the inspiration behind the added product?

We were inspired by the collaboration trend. Typical case goods are the antithesis of collaboration – single user in a walled office with an extra chair or two. We wanted to take SileaEH into the collaborative environments in a big way, both within the office as well as outside the office.

SileaEH WorkWall configures to individual needs for enclosed or open spaces – Image courtesy of Gunlocke

What innovations were used in picking material or fabrication for the manufacturing of this new product?

SileaEH offers a vast array of materials that can be mixed and matched to provide specifiers with an expansive palette for their designs.

Where do you think the installations of this product will be most useful?

The many components can be configured to efficiently work in a variety of environments – from traditional enclosed spaces to more progressive workplaces that promote collaboration in a more open and varied environment. Height-adjustability options encourage better ergonomics, a key as more companies are mindful of making sure their workspace fosters well-being and user productivity. Offering a variety of spaces to work throughout the day requires more furniture options than the more traditional, cellular workspace.

SileaEH offers multiple components to support collaborative work, both in enclosed and open areas – Image courtesy of Gunlocke

A year from now, what are you most excited to see from the product’s installment in upcoming projects?

We hope to see some creative applications that utilize the kit of parts to address their client’s unique needs.

Does the product contribute to “new ways of working”?

The design intent of SileaEH was to address the new ways of working that designers and their clients are demanding. The application-based approach of the product line bridges the gap between enclosed spaces, that support more focused “heads down” work, and the more open community spaces for more collaborative work.

SileaEH flexes for the way people work, with sit-to-stand adjustability, seamless integration of technology management, and components to connect thinkers and facilitate collaboration. This includes mobility in the communal space. The SileaEH WorkWall — in both free standing and wall mounted versions — and the Lounge Level Media are a perfect complement to the casual meeting space, as well as the ideal touchdown space for the worker on the move.

Can you give an example of how this product can be used in a project?

While it is not intended to go everywhere, we wanted to provide a complete range of options within the case goods category. We wanted to make sure that the components could be put together to serve multiple functions in the enclosed office and apply in a wide range of applications. We developed several pieces that can be configured various ways for teaming and community spaces or for small, touchdown spaces. There are numerous ways to achieve flexibility utilizing the many options with components and materials.

When will the product be available?

May 21, 2018 is the planned Marketing Launch. Orders will be accepted starting July 21, 2018.

*Update* As of July 23rd, this product is now available.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

We are very excited about the expansion of this product portfolio, with a fantastic range of materials, applications, and feature sets.

The ability to configure multi-use spaces with collaborative extensions, incorporate small meeting tables, writable surfaces and media-enabled tack zones can transition a private office space into a guest presentation and interaction area. This same office easily then morphs into a lively teaming space. From the shaping of new work surfaces to the non-handed pulls, the gracefully modern aesthetic of SileaEH is intentionally designed to accommodate individual taste and workstyles – down to the smallest detail.

Designers have multiple options and a freedom to choose from a variety of materials – Image courtesy of Gunlocke

What is the expected cost of the product?

We are working on the pricing scenarios, and the price list will be released May 21, 2018.

Anything else notable about the product?

We developed SileaEH WorkWall which acts as a freestanding/wall mounted fully functional office/media center. Free-standing WorkWall allows the placement of an office anywhere on the floorplate.

The design team also put a lot of thought and consideration of the material and finishes selected for the product. SileaEH material options start with flat cut, quarter cut natural veneer, and Stratawood – a rapidly renewable, reconstituted, straight grain veneer. There are thirteen laminate options; and four paint options for the chassis and principal components. Other materials provide choices for environments seeking a mixed-material look, including six back-painted glass options, three solid surfaces, and four metal finishes.

SileaEH components work in multiple locations across a facility – Image courtesy of Gunlocke

Are there any other places you plan to exhibit the product?

SileaEH will be featured at NeoCon at theMart, Suite 1126, Chicago, IL beginning June 11th.


Gunlocke’s SileaEH  wins the Silver award for Best of NeoCon: Caseloads

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