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2023 Trends: Work-Life Blend

Michel Fiechter of TPG Architecture​​ explores why it’s not about work-life-balance, it’s about work-life blend.

How Data Gives Companies a Competitive Edge

Ben Waber shares how measuring workplace analytics can help your organization improve productivity, performance, and retention.

Future of Work: The Secret Ingredient to Drive Business Productivity And Growth

Trust is a vital ingredient in the future of work, particularly as companies offer flexible hybrid work options. 

Industry News: Great Workplace Ideas, as Imagined by Kids

The future of the office according to kids, drop-in collaboration spaces will be the new normal, and more news.

Saving the Workplace by Design: The Hidden Psychology of Safe Space

Donald M. Rattner shares a sampling of the safe space techniques that should be part of every workplace designer’s toolkit in the post-COVID era.

The Amenity Evolution

As the future of work continues to change, workplace amenities have matured from “dot-com”-era playgrounds to sophisticated, curated building experiences. 

Form and Function: The Formula For Designing Productive Shared Spaces

Steelcase's Rebecca Charbauski shares the formula for designing shared spaces where people can actually get real work done.

Why Workplace Art is a Good Investment – and Good Business

Why you should insist on strengthening the intersection of art and business to make people happier, business stronger, and your community more vibrant.

The Workplace Experience Revolution Part 2: Do New Workplaces Work?

One in five new workplaces fails to meet employee needs according to Leesman’s latest research.

Tips for Designing Wellness Spaces at Work

There's no doubt that wellness spaces are important. Tonya Dybdahl shares some helpful tips for how to effectively implement them in the workplace. 

The Next Chapter of Workplace Design: Looking Beyond Trends

Why designers must look beyond the trends to create spaces that truly serve the unique needs of the specific client.

The Green Office Design Trend That Increases Productivity, And Other Industry News

How can biophilia help make employees more productive? Is the productivity science behind biophilia about more than just plants? Read more news from around the web.

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