Millennials are Driving the Green Office Revolution, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of industry news from around the web. 

Pixel Facade’s shortlisted design of ‘Next-Generation Workspaces’ for 2018 Design Challenge “Design the Next-Generation Facade” by Metals in Construction Magazine, © Mengyi Fan (Courtesy: Metals in Construction Magazine)
  • Green offices aren’t just important in terms of tackling climate change, but also in attracting younger workers. Read more from Blue and Green Tomorrow about how Millennials are driving the green office revolution.
  • Check out the “Pixel Facade,” designed by Oliver Thomas and Keyan Rahimzadeh, on BlouinArtinfo. This flexible biophilic facade system was created for the next generation of offices and can be applied to various building typologies.
  • Cities are eager to attract this next generation worker. But, is it worth it for governments to support co-working spaces? Find out from Forbes.
  • Open offices may have sounded like a utopian dream to many entrepreneurs in the last decade, but seeing how they’ve played out in recent years proves they’re a nightmare for productivity. Read more from Entrepreneur.
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