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Industry News: What Happens to Real Estate if WeWork Goes Bankrupt?

WeWork's options are limited as they head towards bankruptcy, why employees need to take lunch breaks like the French, and more news.

Industry News: The R.T.O. Whisperers Have a Plan

How you can change employees' minds about RTO, four ways you can incorporate biophilia into the urban workplace, and more news.

Coworking Spaces Embrace Luxury To Woo New, Stable Clients

WeWork recently announced its Executive Suite launch — a new offering geared toward law offices, corporate clients, and other firms.

Industry News: Your office needs a purpose

Research shows that purpose matters to employees, space planning pros are lacking the necessary data to configure post-pandemic, and more news.

Industry News: Home Office Is Where Good Ideas Go To Die

We have to stop calling it a home office, the WeWork era is rising again, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: Office Space Is Back in Demand — With a Wellness Component

Invest in spaces that are successful for employers and employees alike, office lobby design is going through an experimental phase, and more news.

Industry News: No One Wants A Sea Of Desks Anymore

WeWork offering space that can transform based on different needs, interest in the metaverse has surged, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: Inclusive Design Is Key To The Future Office

The onus is on business leaders to create office space suitable for all, how WeWork's principles have permeated traditional offices, and more news.

Meet The Winners: WeWork’s R-Hub, Workspace Ecosystem

Meet the R-Hub / Workspace Ecosystem WeWork team: co-winners in the Culture & Community category.

Hospitality Design Cues Make The Return To The Workplace Easier

Darian Lu shares how hospitality influenced design can help create work environments that focus on employee experience and foster community.

Industry News: The Impact Of A Hybrid Work Environment On Real Estate

The effects of the hybrid work environment on CRE, embracing texture as part of a welcome back strategy, and more news.

Industry News: WeWork Is Back From The Dead

WeWork is finding a way back into the coworking space via hybrid contraptions, the new normal is looking more like old normal, and more news.

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