How Marine Waste Can – and Should – Be Used in Design, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web.

Netting and other marine litter can be reprocessed or remanufactured. Image via
  • It’s time the design industry rethinks its approach to materials, says designer Claire Potter featured in OnOffice , and sustainability truly needs to take centre stage.
  • What exactly is meant by agile real estate? Allwork.Space breaks down the importance of the latest real estate trend.
  • In the current Japanese education system, people are taught that working for a company is the most secure, low-risk and prestigious path. Could the introduction of co-working spaces change their work culture? The Japan Times investigates.
  • The CEO Magazine reports on a new study says that open-plan offices don’t just annoy many of their inhabitants; they cut collaboration, too.

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