Not Your Average Water Cooler: Meet Bevi, the Smart Water Dispenser

Bevi has modernized the concept of the traditional office water cooler to meet the demands of today’s healthy workplace. Their countertop and standup water dispensers are an eco-friendly way to encourage people to stay hydrated throughout the workday.

The Bevi countertop unit has a small footprint as the hardware components are installed in the cabinets below. This sleek, but powerful water dispenser supplies multiple beverage options to the entire office!

What sets Bevi apart from the classic water cooler with plastic jugs?

Today’s workplaces are designed to maximize the employee experience. Smart employers
understand that healthy options in break areas are a top priority for employees. Staying
hydrated is a critical element of overall health, and Bevi makes it easy as well as eco-friendly by taking bottles and cans out of the equation.

What makes Bevi a healthy alternative to soda and other sugary drinks?

We take our motto, “pour something good,” seriously. By offering two styles of water, still or
sparkling, as well as four different flavor options, users can easily dispense their favorite
beverage. We believe health and hydration belongs in the hands of our users, which is why our
machine allows users to control flavor strength and mix flavors freely. Better yet, all our fruit flavors are made from real fruit essence, and we never use artificial sweeteners. Simply put, we have something for everyone and every kind of diet!

The benefits of drinking water have been outlined in many studies: proper hydration flushes out
toxins, promotes weight loss, boosts the immune system, and helps keep you energized. Who knew you could get so much out of a trip to the breakroom?

In addition to your healthy flavor offerings, what are some other benefits Bevi brings to an office?

Today, more and more companies are making a commitment to being environmentally responsible and are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Many of our customers decided to get Bevi after realizing how many plastic bottles and cans
they were tossing in the recycling bin. The Bevi hydration station is a simple way to provide a variety of beverages, while significantly reducing the environmental impact of a break room or office. In just five years’ time, our customers have saved over 32 million bottles and cans.

Bevi’s user-friendly touchscreen

How does Bevi’s subscription service work?

Getting Bevi means getting an all-in-one hydration solution for your workplace.

Once you sign a contract, the Bevi service team will take care of the rest. Each water cooler is internet-connected, allowing our service team to monitor consumable levels and proactively service each machine before it runs out of CO2 or flavors. We’ll never leave your team high and dry!

Why do you think our readers will love your smart water coolers?

Don’t just take it from us–hear it from our customers:

“It’s rare to introduce a new product to our employees with the overwhelmingly positive feedback that has been generated by Bevi. It is a favorite feature for everyone in our headquarters in Cambridge, MA. In addition to providing a great product, the elimination of plastic bottles from the waste stream is a great tool for Akamai’s broader sustainability goals. “

– Matt Burgess, Operations Manager, Akamai

“Bevi is now in all our kitchens at Lyft HQ. Previously, we stocked other flavored waters, both still and sparkling. Bevi has allowed us to lower overall beverage costs and reduce our overall carbon footprint. It has been a little over a year now, and we have saved $60,000! The service team is also extremely responsive in making the management experience very hands off. “

– Matt Mohammed, Workplace Services Manager, Lyft

“Not only do they provide a great product that our members love, Bevi’s customer service is fantastic. They are prompt to respond to emails and monitor our machine to provide servicing when needed. Working with Bevi has been more than a pleasure!”

— Lauren Ravert, Community Manager Back Bay, Workbar

Bevi’s Countertop and Standup models have a sleek, modern look that fits into any design

Are you planning to exhibit at any upcoming trade shows?

Yes, we are booked at the following upcoming events:

CA HR Conference, AZ SHRMFoodbuy Summit, Responsive Conference, IFMA, CoreNet Global, and more!

Want to know more?

Check us out at:


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Images Courtesy of Bevi

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