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2023 Trends: Optimizing Office Space With Smart Technology

Erin McDannald of Environments shares how smart technology, utilized in a few key ways, can positively transform the future of work.

Design Of Smart Office Spaces In The Post-Pandemic World

Shaon Sikta Sengupta of Edifice Consultants explores the importance of smart offices in the future of work. 

Smart Buildings Set To Be A Staple In Post-Pandemic World

JLL's Akshay Thakur explores the smart building technologies that will enhance the work experience as we return to the office.

Lenovo’s David Rabin On How Technology Is Evolving Post-COVID-19

Bob Fox and David Rabin, VP, Global Commercial Marketing at Lenovo discuss the future of technology as we return to work.

Mersive’s Solstice – Untethers Meeting Participants for Quick and Secure Information Sharing

Mersive’s innovative Solstice solution offers the opportunity to manage and control document sharing to any number of users efficiently without any technical barriers.

Not Your Average Water Cooler: Meet Bevi, the Smart Water Dispenser

Bevi has modernized the concept of the traditional office water cooler to meet the demands of today’s healthy workplace. Their countertop and standup water dispensers are an eco-friendly way to encourage people to stay hydrated throughout the workday.

Emerging and Evolving Job Roles: Tech-enabled offices are fueling demand for new roles & skills

As technology trends drive major changes in the way we work, a variety of new jobs have appeared or taken on new depth.

How to Build a Startup Culture in a Big Organization

JLL's Dr. Marie Puybaraud shares five ways to make like a small startup and master big ideas—and execution.

Three Keys to Digital Workplace Ecosystem Success

Peter Miscovich, Managing Director Strategy + Innovation at JLL explains how next-generation digital workplace ecosystems will place human engagement, technology, and agility first.

2018 Workplace Trend Predictions

From healthier, people-centric designed offices to increasingly flexible workspaces, Work Design Magazine’s very own, Bob Fox, shares seven workplace trend predictions he expects to see in 2018.

From Mobile Screens to the Masses in 5 Seconds

Casio’s new Ultra Short Throw Projector is Lamp Free® and the ideal solution for today’s collaborative work environments.

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