Framery: Smart Acoustic Solution for Open Plan Office Spaces

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Elise Shapiro
Elise Shapiro
Elise Shapiro is a contributing editor. Little did she know that her first job, in the facilities department at Ralston Purina, while obtaining her M. Arch at Washington University, in St. Louis would foreshadow where her career would lead. She has always been a strong advocate for providing the best possible spaces for people to work – where aesthetics meet function and drive business success.

Framery’s innovative acoustic soundproof pods are changing the open office landscape with a creative solution to privacy issues.

Framery’s O Open Plan pod brings a smart, solution to the open plan spaces we work in today.

One of the biggest complaints about open office plans is the lack of acoustic privacy for phone calls or conversations requiring an element of confidentiality. Framery, founded in 2010, offers acoustical privacy spaces for the open office. The product was conceived out of frustration and necessity when the founders were working together in an office where heads down work was disrupted by cellphone conversations. When discussing the problem, one founder asked the others to “make me a phone booth.” Out of that request, with humble beginnings, Framery was born.

Fast forward to 2019, and the debate on open office is still a hot topic. The company has evolved, and Framery Acoustic’s soundproof pods are making everyday office life happier by providing a place where people can concentrate and work more efficiently. Many of our clients are talking about how Framery pods are changing their entire work culture.

We wanted to find out more about recent product developments and how Framery is making an impact on office design that supports the newer ways of working.

Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product has been used in a project?

Here is an account of how our product has helped one of our clients:

Cloudera delivers the modern platform for machine learning and analytics built for the cloud. Today Cloudera has offices in 24 countries with the company headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

“Cloudera has over 1,600 employees across the globe. A regular working day includes meetings between people in different locations. The challenge with the meetings was that participants around the world sit alone in huge meeting rooms. Talk about inefficient use of room resources”, says Charles Klingler, Senior Resources Manager from Cloudera.

“With Framery pods this provides the Corporate Services Team with more options for space planning when creating new office space, as well as creating personal experiences for our local staff members for privacy needs due to open plan seating,” Klingler says.

Framery pod solutions provide flexible, comfortable meeting spaces that can be used throughout a facility Meeting Maggie is suitable for meetings, brainstorming and much more. Choose from three different table options – two Maggie Sofas are always included. Meeting Maggie comes with pleasant LED lighting and three power sockets.

What was the outcome of using the product, and can you cite any data?

According to Klingler, “The Framery product is amazing with regards to look, feel and more importantly the acoustics it provides for soundproofing. Along with adding to the “value” of the office not only for staff but for guests as well.”

Klingler emphasizes the confidentiality of the pods offer in terms of private calls or conversations and place for staff to work without disturbance. He added that from a Corporate Services side Framery pods are an investment that can move with the company when there is a relocation.

“So far I only see benefits with the Framery pods. Use them often, that way you realize the true value of them.”

The Framery 2Q pod can be fitted out in a variety of configurations.

Who designed the product?

The Framery Acoustical pod was conceived and designed by our CEO, Samu Hällfors.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

A pod is a place where people located in an open plan office instinctively use to brainstorm, write or meet with a colleague. In the open office, noise and distraction is reduced, and work becomes more efficient.

The Framery O Lounge provides the perfect place to make a call or participate in a video conference without disturbing co-workers.

Anything else notable about the product we ought to know?

Framery is a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing and quiet private spaces and pods that enable and reinforce happiness in workplaces.

Awards and recognition for our ground-breaking product line include:

  • Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 & 2016
  • Best of NeoCon 2015
  • London Design Awards, Silver 2015
  • IDC Innovation Awards, 2016, IDEXCANADA, Gold Product Award
  • IDEXCANADA 2015 Innovation Awards Winner, Best in Show
Video conferencing capability is easily available in the pod.

What new features were introduced at NeoCon 2019?

  • Wireless Charging Options – Wireless charger add-on is available on wide and VCR tables for Framery O. For Framery Q, the option is enabled for Meeting Maggie and Working with PAL.
  • Whiteboard paint for Framery O, Q and 2Q – Whiteboard paint is new option for our exterior steel sheets.
  • Booking system bracket for Framery Q and 2Q – Q and 2Q will have an option for universal booking system bracket. The booking system bracket is attached to the door locking plate. The surface material for the booking system bracket is plywood. Bracket set includes 2 plywood plates; small and large. Customer can choose either small plate or large plate depending on the booking system they have in use.
  • Display Screen – The functionality of pods can be increased with the addition of TV screens that can be placed on the wall opposite to the sofa.

Learn more about Framery:

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All images courtesy of Framery

*Update as of June 11, 2019: Framery win’s 2019 IIDA/Contract Magazine Showroom, Booth Design for the Small Booth Category, & Best of NeoCon Silver Award for Framery 2Q in the Acoustic Privacy & Modular Solutions category*


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