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open office debate

Create An Irresistible Work Culture, Not A ‘Best Place To Work’, And Other Industry News

Shifting the focus from appearing to be the best place to work, to being the best, why one size, one solution, and one research study does not fit all, and more news.

World’s Top Performing Workplaces: How The Best Beat The Rest

Be the impact. Learn from Leesman how your workplace can dominate with a better workplace experience.

How To Build Culture Through Office Design, And Other Industry News

Why one of the most powerful ways to cultivate culture is building it—literally—into your workplace, the winners of the Urban Zoo Coworking Space design competition, and more news from around the web.

The Business Case for Living Buildings in 2019, and Other Industry News

The value propositions that are demonstrating the business case for Living Buildings, a new office in Ukraine designed to incorporate nap rooms, and more.

Framery: Smart Acoustic Solution for Open Plan Office Spaces

Framery’s innovative acoustic soundproof pods are changing the open office landscape with a creative solution to privacy issues.

2019 Workplace Trend Predictions

From employee wellbeing to the debate on open offices, Work Design Magazine Publisher, Bob Fox, shares five workplace trend predictions he expects to see in 2019. 

Hotel & Coworking Space: The Future of Hospitality, and Other Industry News

The rise of coworking spaces in hotels as work becomes more flexible, the city of Atlanta is transforming into a showcase for biophilic design, and more news.

The “50 Feet” Design Concept: Productivity within Arm’s Reach

While the pendulum continues to swing, how design stands to leverage what matters most in the workplace is much more complex than the partitioning of space.

How Consumers and Workers are Shifting the Public Space Paradigm and Other Industry News

What people really want in their public and work spaces, commercial towers across the country are dangling amenities associated with luxury apartment living, and more news from around the web.

Work/Life Balance: A Key Driver Behind Reurbanization, and Other Industry News

The effects of reurbanization have a positive impact on a healthy work/life balance, how working indoors could be effecting our productivity, and more news from around the web.

Open Offices Could Be Making You Healthier, and Other Industry News

A new study finds that open offices could be making you healthier, what the future of work looks like according to kids, and more news from around the web.

A Workplace Strategist’s Response to the Harvard Research on Open Plans

Ted Moudis Associates' Workplace Strategist Kate Wieczorek shares her thoughts on the recent Harvard study examining the effects of  the open plan.

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