Gym-Coworking Hybrids Are the Latest Gig Economy Creation and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

  • GQ reports on the rise of offices-in-gyms where workers are shouldering one more benefit.
  • With the increasing complexity of work, People Matters says that extensive travel requirements & hyper-connectivity facilitated by technology; the lines between work & life are blurring more than ever.
  • Headed to NeoCon this year? Make sure to check out the new NeoCon Plaza created by Haworth and designed by Gensler Chicago while you connect, work, dine, unwind, recharge and enjoy the outdoors throughout each day and evening located on the South Drive of The Mart.
  • Thanks to a new study, Time shares how the debate over office temperatures has heated up.
  • BisNow features a new Irvine office park where employees can take calls from WiFi-enabled outdoor meeting spaces, attend fitness classes in a custom fitness center and have an on-site concierge pick up their dry cleaning.
  • Does your workplace spark joy? Forbes investigates how technology is disrupting the industry.
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