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work-life balance

2023 Trends: Work-Life Blend

Michel Fiechter of TPG Architecture​​ explores why it’s not about work-life-balance, it’s about work-life blend.

Authentically Gen Z: The Values, Aspirations & Drivers That Will Re-Define the Future of Work

SmithGroup's Deborah Nemeth and Megan Skaalen explore the personal and professional goals that drive Gen Z and how this will impact the future of work.

Return to the Office Campus

FCA's Steven Stainbrook explains why it is time to return to the corporate campus—not the office. 

Industry News: Americans Are Going Everywhere Except Back to the Office

Remote workers aren't returning because they like work-life balance, the early days of the flex revolution, and more.

What Impact Would The 4-Day Workweek Have On Commercial Real Estate?

Underutilized real estate leads to millions of dollars wasted each year; with the 4-day workweek gaining traction, CRE investors and landlords could lose millions in underutilized space.

Predicting the Unpredictable: How to Prepare for the Return to the Office

FCA's John Campbell shares how we can prepare ourselves and our offices for the return to the workplace.

Developers Are Betting on Live-Work-Play Communities To Attract New Tenants

Live-work-play communities aren’t exactly a new concept, but with the rise of remote and hybrid work, there’s a newfound interest in live-work-play communities.  

In Wellness We Trust

Melissa Hanley and Kimberley O’Dowd of Blitz share enduring lessons learned from our time away from the office.

Coworking spaces shouldn’t be a playground for kids And Other Industry News

Coworking spaces that offer a more grown-up take, employees' top office wishes are windows and quiet spaces, and more news.

Gym-Coworking Hybrids Are the Latest Gig Economy Creation and Other Industry News

Coworking spaces are now appearing in your gym, how technology is blurring the lines between work and life, and more news from around the web.

Interview with EY’s Trex Morris

EY’s Global Real Estate Leader Trex Morris discusses how their agile and tech-savvy space has created a more efficient and flexible work environment for employees - both inside and outside the office.

Worlds Colliding: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

If work-life integration is the norm now, how do employees find the right balance and integrate their personal selves into their work? And how do companies promote that integration?

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