Davis Furniture’s Elegant Seating Solution Introduced At NeoCon

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, Davis Furniture turned to designers Burkhard Vogtherr and Jonathan Prestwich to modernize their classic Motion Chair.

The simple, elegant M75 chair can work in a variety of settings.

Ashley Davis Williams of Davis Furniture gave WDM the inside scoop on this year’s NeoCon introduction. She was able to share the background behind the quiet, elegant design of the new M75 chair seating line which we think will be a standout at this year’s show.

What is the name of the new product?

We are happy to introduce the M75 chair seating line.

How will the product impact workplace design?

M75’s design is centered on the idea of taking away distractions. Breaking down the components of M75, the back, seat, and armrests were designed to be elegant and visually quiet, but to come together with a perfect balance and flow.

How does the product contribute to new ways of working?

This new evolution of a traditional executive chair is built for the 21st century workplace. M75 was designed in an incredibly complex way so that the functionality is sublimely simple. The geometry of the chair is designed so that the user acts as a counterweight for the movement of the seating mechanism.
The designers took certain aspects of the Motion chair, namely the ideal comfort and the revolutionary mechanism, and worked to create the same result through a more sophisticated and modern design. Burkhard Vogtherr and Jonathan Prestwich designed with chair specifically for the modern workplace, keeping in the forefront how we work today and what the modern workplace needs. There is no unnecessary or excessive aspect to M75, it is visually calm and communicates only that which is necessary. The only visual communication from M75 is elegance and comfort.

Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product can be used in a project?

M75 is a great option for executive offices where users are sitting for long periods of time: the chair is intuitive and adjusts to the user, creating an ideal ergonomic seating experience. M75 is also a great option for boardrooms and communal workspaces where many different users might sit in the chair in one day. The chair adapts to each user without the need for adjustment.

The M75 family

The design team was able to let us know more about the genesis of the design, describing in detail the chair function and aesthetics:

M75, by Burkhard Vogtherr and Jonathan Prestwich, is a modern take on a Davis classic. Based on the concept of the Motion chair designed by Burkhard Vogtherr in 1987, M75 is a new evolution of the traditional executive chair built for the 21st century workplace. To make the concept of the Motion chair relevant in the 21st century, the designers looked at how their lives have changed since the 1980’s. They found that today – as a result of our increased communication and major advancements in technology – we are highly stimulated throughout the day. This brings the need for furniture that is more visually calm and that works with the user without the need for adjustment.

The original Motion chair introduced in 1987.

The most innovative aspect of M75 is the simplicity of the design paired with the complexity of the seating mechanism. The seating mechanism is designed so that the user acts as a counterweight to the mechanism, thereby finding the perfect balance for each individual user. This mechanism is quite complex, but the designers found a way to house the entirety of the mechanism with the chair itself. There are no knobs for adjustment and no levers or switches to pull or push. The chair itself is intuitive and naturally adjusts to the person who is seated. There are no visible components to the seating mechanism, and the only adjustment controls are discrete buttons underneath the seat. These controls are for locking the mechanism in an upright position and height adjustment.

Note the simplicity and clean lines that encase a sophisticated engineering solution.

When will the product be available?

M75 will be available for orders in June 2019.

The M75 is available with open or fully upholstered arms.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

M75 is offered in several variations, designed to fit in a wide range of spaces in the modern workplace. The line includes high back and mid back chairs as well as a fully upholstered arm option. The classic M75 chair features a statuesque open arm design. It is not loud or flashy but simplistically elegant and balanced. The arms can be powder coated for a versatile look or polished aluminum for a more traditional style. This beautiful arm design also features an optional plastic arm cap for increased durability. The fully upholstered armchair includes a cushioned arm component, making the chair slightly less formal and focusing more on the all-around comfort. No matter what your space looks like M75, has a style and an option to fit that space.

What is the expected cost of the item?

  • $2107 List for M75 High Back with Aluminum Arms and COM Upholstery
  • $2503 List for M75 Mid Back with Upholstered Arms and COM Upholstery

Anything else notable about the product we ought to know?

As Davis Furniture celebrates our 75th anniversary as a company, we wanted to reimagine a classic Davis product that was incredibly popular and successful and update it for 2019. That’s where the idea for M75 was born. The Motion chair was the first product we ever released with designer Burkhard Vogtherr, and he has been an integral part of our design story ever since. It was only fitting that we take this iconic Davis chair and reimagine it for a new generation.

Are there any other places you plan to exhibit the product? If so where and when?

Visit us during NeoCon, our showroom is suite 3-115 at the Mart. We will also be at First Look in New York in July. The Davis Furniture NY showroom, suite 1304 in the NYDC at 200 Lexington Avenue in the New York Design Center.

Learn more about Davis Furniture

Instagram: @davisfurniture

Twitter: @davis_furniture

All images courtesy of Davis Furniture
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