Industry News: Architects and Designers Speak Out Against Racism

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Image via Design Milk
  • Dezeen rounds up various statements from the architecture and design industry speaking out against racism in America.
  • Were America’s cities designed to oppress? City Lab shares why architects and planners have an obligation to protect health, safety and welfare through the spaces we design. As the George Floyd protests reveal, we’ve failed.
  • Design Milk shares a list of great resources that may be useful to those looking to reflect, learn, help and DO during this time of injustice.
  • Learn how to build an actively anti-racist workplace from Quartz.
  • Long criticized for its lack of diversity, The Real Deal shares how the real estate industry reflects on how to address long-term problems that led to this crisis.
  • Here are six tips from Fast Company for leaders to combat racism in the workplace.
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