LG Hausys Benif Interior Film Offers Endless Installation Possibilities

LG Hausys Benif Interior Film, provided by Trim USA, creates endless possibilities for installation – with options to cover walls, glass, furniture, doors, create wood look beams and more!

Interior Film products with Reliable flame proof function are essential particularly for accommodations including hotels. The front wall is covered in CW62, arch in RP06 and back wall in EL178.

At Work Design Magazine we are always on the prowl to find new products that our readers should know about. Designing today’s workplace is increasingly complicated as more types of spaces are required and it seems that the things that differentiate each project go beyond the choice of chairs and desks.

The folks at Trim USA have given us the rundown on their products. Trim USA is proud to be the US stocking distributor of LG Hausys’ Architectural and Interior Benif Film line. Second to none in the industry, the LG Interior Film line offers over 500 options in the 2019 Collections book. There is truly something for every application you can dream of. As architects and designers reach new heights through discovery of innovation for buildings and upgrades, the sky continues to be the limit for these films. The possibilities for installation are endless, with options to cover walls, glass, furniture, doors, create wood look beams and more!

Given the breadth of the product offerings, where do you think our readers should consider use of the various films?

This material can be used in many different facets from residential to commercial.  Most recently it was used to refurbish doors within one of the most recognizable hotels in Las Vegas, donned the walls of a student cafeteria/cafe for a leading University, and implemented into a two-story doctor’s office refresh for a major hospital in California.

Create a Marble look at a fraction of the price ML25 

When will the products be available?

Trim USA carries over 100 SKUs in stock in the US with access to LG’s entire inventory in the Collections book.  Current inventory of SKUs can be determined quickly upon request.

The range of architectural finishes represented offers designers many opportunities to work with any design style. For example, currently trendy Wood Industrial/Vintage finishes are offered in a range of colors and wood species!

We are continually updating our product offerings. Recently added – Big Wood  –  BW is a wood grain design with an extended image run of 1.5 times longer than other wood grain patterns. It is ideal for the application on doors and spacious areas.

Big Wood, with its longer run and reduced pattern repetition is ideal for large spaces where the warmth of wood is desired.

Another updated item is Big Marble – BM, Big Marble is an extended marble design in various colors with runs 1.8 times longer than other stone patterns. It is ideal for the application on large and spacious areas to create a magnificent and stylish space.

The elegance of marble is replicated in the Big Marble films.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

Everything from the overall look, feel, price point, and ease of application which mean less down time for refurbishes and shorter time frames for new construction. Size and scale of project are limitless. LG Hausys Benif Interior Film has been used in the following spaces to update existing features or define new features.

Redefine office common spaces to make them more inviting. CW582 on walls and surround, ML67 used on the counter spaces.

Another recent addition to the design portfolio is Pearlite. PL, Pearlite is a combined presentation of solid vermiculite chips with a luxurious pearl finish creating a textured  warm focal point in commercial spaces.

Pearlite PL006 used in the setting adds an interesting textural effect to the space.

What is the cost of the film?

The cost varies by specific product and ranges from $ 3.00 – $ 8.00 per square foot.

Are there any other unique design features that would interest our readers?

All films are ASTM E-84 Fire test certified, heavy metal and Phthalate free and are naturally antimicrobial which makes them ideal for numerous applications.

An option from the Art Canvas collection

Where can our readers find out more product details?

The 2019 Collections book offers options in Classic, Premium and Design Wood, Pearlite, Metal, Marble/stone, Leather, Woven and Fabric. These options are ideal for walls, elevators, doors, cabinets, furniture and more! There are also Windeco/Art Canvas options for windows and glass. These glass options not only include the classic frosted alternative, but also offers other looks that will give your palette a unique design with textured films. Samples are available upon request.

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