BHDP’s T. Patrick Donnelly On The New Ways People Are Embracing Work

Bob Fox and T. Patrick Donnelly, Principal, BHDP Architecture discuss the behaviors that will be carried forward coming out of the COVID crisis. 

T. Patrick Donnelly and his work at BHDP Architecture is focused on design for people. Like many of us in the last few months, Patrick has learned a lot about technology, and even more about people since working remotely. He fears that we will return to the status quo post-pandemic because it’s where people are comfortable. Instead, Patrick hopes that we begin to leverage our new talents learned from working remotely to provide people with choices.

Right now, we are realizing that we can work remotely, but we are missing the socialization of work. We may not even fully realize just how much we are missing by working from home in terms of how ideas get transferred and the way we create solutions. Patrick hopes that once we can safely return to work, we will be able to find what we lost, while keeping what we have to maintain a certain level of choice that makes work a much better experience for all. Check out the video above to see Bob and Patrick’s full conversation!

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