Uneebo Creates A Unique Office Interior Design Experience

Uneebo’s expert commercial designers can help you create a beautiful office seamlessly, fast, and customized to your budget and style.

Uneebo has been busy building their new powerful online platform that allows clients to collaborate with their expert commercial designers and create a beautiful office seamlessly, fast, and customized to their budget and style preferences.

After becoming experts in complex and big office projects for companies moving into their new office or upgrading their existing ones, Uneebo built their tool to address all of the challenges that come with the office design process.

Uneebo’s recent project, Kiva’s new offices in San Francisco

Since Uneebo, a design firm, launched at the end of 2019 they have landed big-name projects like the non-profit Kiva’s headquarters in San Francisco and the rising star in the tech industry Onna’s HQ in New York. These amazing clients were attracted to the tech-focused approach to office interior design and appreciated Uneebo’s startup culture as they are also on a mission to disrupt an industry (much like themselves!).

Uneebo is incredibly excited to launch our new platform to the world in partnership with Work Design and help many more awesome companies create beautiful work environments for their teams.

Uneebo makes designing your office a simpler and more interactive process.

What makes Uneebo different in the realm of workplace design?

Our mission at Uneebo is to modernize the interior design experience for offices and make it more accessible and affordable for all types of customers. We strongly believe that beautiful and functional office interiors should be something every office can achieve which is why we created our online platform which allows our clients to collaborate with our talented office interior designers to create their dream office at a fraction of the price of traditional interior design firms.

Uneebo’s interactive app lets you zero in on exactly what is needed

What does our design platform do?

An online platform that enables you to design your office space affordably and fast including, but not limited to:

  • 3D visualization of your office
  • Range of designer packages for every budget
  • Customizable furniture packages curated from the best brands
  • Purchase or rental options on your package
  • Online collaboration with your designers

The platform is primarily made for:

  • Any company moving into a new office and needing a total design and furnishing service to make their space look awesome
  • Companies re-entering the office after COVID-19 and needing to redesign their office to account for social distancing
  • Landlords and brokers looking to have their empty offices designed to make them easier to lease or sell

We offer our office interior design services in major global hubs like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and right through to up and coming cities Dallas, Austin, Nashville, Boston, and Chicago.

Kiva, in San Francisco, CA is an excellent example of our design ethos.

Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product or service will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

We actually tested our platform’s capabilities behind the scenes with our recent client Kiva’s new HQ office in San Francisco. Our designer Ashly Cabral worked around the clock to work in parallel with our client and our technology team to translate her vision, product selections, and design into systematic logic that now sits behind our platform’s algorithm. You can see the final results here of Kiva’s amazing new office which was the inspiration of our Bohemian design package which Ashly helped us curate products for. Kiva’s office has an abundance of natural light with the office sandwiched between two enormous floor-to-ceiling windows either end of the office.

We learned a lot about what clients need from working with Kiva’s management team on transforming their 10,000 square foot office located in SOMA into a beautiful collaboration space. Every piece of feedback the Kiva team provided on the design process has been integrated into our dashboard – from the ability to collaborate on product selections in real-time with your designer, an automated budget calculator of your furniture selections, to visualizing your office in 3D before any purchases are made, our platform has everything the modern project needs.

Kiva’s project was a great way to see that our technology can help quickly and affordably transform white box commercial spaces into beautifully designed, affordable, and functional offices for any type of client – tech startups, non-profit organizations, medical offices, legal offices and many more. We are now extremely excited to announce we are expanding our focus to working directly with office landlords and commercial brokers across the industry to pre-furnish their white box spaces and enable them to close deals quicker. For those interested, they can reach out here to learn more about our partnership opportunities.

Where do you think your platform fits in with the overall workplace design market?

We’ve spent the past year working with some amazing customers who needed their offices designed for a number of reasons including graduating from a co-working space and moving into their first office, needing to move into a bigger space after landing a killer funding round, expanding their office footprint into other cities or companies who just wanted a refresh on their design. With all of these projects, we learned a tremendous amount about the complexities of executing complex projects in a timely manner due to just how many pieces of the puzzle there were. We also heard great feedback from our customers about the type of design experience that would have made our projects even better.

With everything happening with COVID-19 and many of our projects being put on pause it gave us an opportunity to take a step back and think really hard about what is the future of office design and Uneebo. We came to the conclusion that the office isn’t going away and while there will certainly be a push towards working from home more often and fewer employees being in an office at one time, the office is a tremendously important part of building a company culture, enabler for recruitment and branding for clients.

We spoke to the management of all our clients who gave us countless reasons why for them it was very important for them to give their teams the option to head safely back into the office due to the number of challenges they’ve been seeing with their employee’s mental wellbeing from challenging work from home conditions and especially employees with young families. 

The office will still play an important part in providing the right environment to foster a collaborative workforce

What we had already learned prior to COVID-19 is that of course everyone wants an awesome office, but for many early companies, affordability, flexibility, collaboration, and speed are hugely important factors when deciding to choose their office interior designer. Coupled with the push to remote working with COVID-19 we also saw that customers want to be able to visualize their design prior to purchasing furniture and decor products in an online tool to reduce the risk of ordering something that they don’t like in person! So with that, we decided we wanted to make an online design platform that would help us collaborate in real-time with our clients, give them the driving seat on customizing the elements they want, and visualize in 3D how their office will look prior to executing.

What do you think our readers will love about the Uneebo Office Design Platform?

For anyone that has been through office design and furnishing project before with traditional interior design services, they’ll immediately see the benefits of Uneebo’s seamless and automated design platform that makes the project move faster, with greater cost transparency and enable more collaboration with the designer as ultimately its important and fun for the client to make choices themselves. We never wanted to be a general interior design company.

For anyone that is about to embark on their first design experience with Uneebo, then you’re in luck as you’ll never have to experience the painful and confusing process that traditional firms offer! Just sign up to our dashboard through our website here to see firsthand how the platform works and we’ll set up a consultation with one of our designers to learn more about your office project.

Being able to visualize your space in 3D and then request your designer to make any changes to your furniture and decor selections before committing to purchasing helps give our clients financial security but also a near real-life experience of what their office will look like. We’re also working on our AR capabilities so that you could sit in the comfort of your home and see your desk, chair, sofa, and decor selections up close and personal.

Uneebo can source furniture that meets the changing requirements for privacy and separation for the return to work office space.

What about the cost?

The beauty of our packages is completely customizable by our customers! When building our platform we wanted to make sure that we had something for everyone which is why each office design package we create is totally customizable to your budget. You can remove furniture products from your package, swap for more affordable options, or add additional products to work within your team’s budget. This way you can completely customize your team’s experience and control the quality of key items like office desks and chairs. Your designer will guide you through the smooth design process and you’ll be able to see your project cost automatically calculated in your package summary page.

We learned through all our design projects that this real-time budget calculator was something missing from the market and that the transparency this creates for our clients allows them to optimize their design and ultimately be in control for the first time ever. Many clients want a flat fee for their project and in a sense, our budget calculator enables this flat fee feature. Our designer hours are priced on an hourly rate but our technology enables us to move fast and control the deliverables, so again we can be very transparent on pricing. When a client completes our style quiz, they can review their curated package and then go in and customize every product selection with their designer, choosing from hundreds of quality product options and styles to tweak the project cost.

We’re proud to have formed strong relationships with the best commercial furniture vendors out there like Poppin, Branch, ROOM, and many more to ultimately provide our clients with the best value and quality there is to offer in the office furniture world. These vendors offer the best desks, phone booths, ergonomic chairs, and conference furniture on the market, all of which you can go and check out yourselves in their showrooms in your city.

Uneebo can source whatever furnishings are needed to create a functional, safe workplace.

We also work closely with big home furniture brands like West Elm, CB2, and Article to bring that residential feel to the office which is going to be more important than ever when returning to the work space post-COVID-19. Because all of these awesome brands have optimized their white-glove delivery capabilities it means we can execute projects fast and affordably for our customers. Any images of a style quiz result?

Have you launched any new products to address evolving workplace needs due to COVID-19?

We’ve built a smart, fast, and affordable package to redesign your workspace for going back post-COVID-19 in a simple and effective way to get your space safely set up for your team. With our tool, we create a customizable package for you alongside floor plan redesigns including hygiene and social distancing products and services. Our COVID-19 package option includes the best products curated from across the market such as desk dividers, sanitation stations, floor stickers, and other hygiene products from common areas.

The beauty of our interior design platform is how customized the experience is for our clients with regard to how they want to use their office space and their floor plan designs. Our commercial interior designers work with you to define how you want your space to functionally be using our floor plan visualizer and we can adapt your space depending on your social distancing preferences. With the challenges that COVID-19 has presented with regards to social distancing, we think this is one of the most useful features of our platform in the short term. For more information on our COVID-19 office redesign tool, you can read here.

Are there any other unique features that our readers should know about?

We want to strive to be as flexible as possible for our customers which is why we are able to help offer both purchase and rental options when it comes to your furniture products. If this is something you are interested in just ask your designer and we will get an estimate for your entire furniture package to be on a 12, 18- or 24-month rental plan. This feature is a big advantage to traditional interior design services as we manage the entire process for you so you can have a CAPEX friendly and hands-free design experience.

We are all set up and ready to go on your workplace design needs!

Are you currently booking new clients?

Absolutely – we offer a variety of office design package options to meet the needs of any size or type of office including full office design packages, makeovers, co-working space design and newly introduced social distancing and work-from-home packages.

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