Aeris Swopper Is The Ergonomic Home Office Seating Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

The Aeris Swopper is perfect for home, the office, and everywhere else that work is done sitting down.

Aeris Swopper at home

Working ergonomically is more important now than ever. As people have had to adapt to different work situations, either at home or in re-positioned office space, Aeris has released a revitalized product to help in that effort.

The Aeris Swopper is an active office chair which, thanks to a special 3D technology, helps the human body’s natural need for movement even when seated. It strengthens the muscles, especially the back, and promotes an upright posture. Your brain’s grey cells get going and you feel fit and satisfied. And the best thing is: It is all completely intuitive, just by the way while sitting, without any additional time expenditure or motivation. This is how the Aeris Swopper enables a more active, healthier life. And on top of that, swopping is fun.

Aeris Swopper
The Swopper fits in perfectly at the office or at home.

Does the Swopper seating line support agile and activity-based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities?

We think the Swopper will fill in as an alternative to the standard desk chair in workplaces in more traditional settings. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people that now work from home has risen sharply in recent months. The topic of home offices will continue to play a major role in the future as an alternative working model as companies develop new workplace protocols to manage the need for less density and social distancing requirements in their regular offices.

For most people, however, the home office is not equipped for working for long periods. The kitchen chair or dining room chair, for example, usually has to serve as an office chair. The resulting lack of movement is harmful and robs us of concentration and energy after a short time. This is why the correct furnishing of the workplace, especially the right office chair, is so important at home. People want and need to move often, even as they are in a sitting posture, in order to stay healthy.

Aeris Swopper
The technical features in the Swopper have been carefully designed to provide a comfortable and intuitively adjustable seating option.

The Aeris Swopper pivotal joint, which is close to the ground, and the spring, ensures that the whole body goes with every movement and thus remains in motion all day long. The effective up and down movement, like when walking or running, nourishes and relieves the intervertebral discs. Instead of a backrest, strong muscles support the back, and instead of tension you feel good spirits. The free movement of the body allows you to breathe more deeply. This stimulates circulation and metabolism. This creates a completely new attitude to life with less tiredness and more energy. It is therefore worth investing in the right office chair.

However, the Aeris Swopper is not only suitable for use in the home office, but also in the office, laboratory, medical practices, clinics etc. In other words, everywhere where work is done sitting down.

What was the inspiration for this design of the Swopper seating, and are there any innovations in use of materials or fabrication are utilized in the manufacture of this product?

The aim of the development of the Aeris Swopper about 20 years ago was to create a chair that allows unlimited mobility – as it corresponds to the nature of the human being.

To achieve this, a 3D technology was developed which allows movements in three dimensions – forwards and backwards, sideways, and vertically. This special technology ensures an optimum posture in relation to the work surface and keeps muscles, intervertebral discs, tendons, and joints fit.

In addition, armrests and backrests have been dispensed with in order not to restrict the movement unit.

The convex seat is also designed to support an upright posture and to avoid oppressive seat edges.

The stable foot ring makes the chair extremely stable and resistant to tipping over. It is available with or without castors.

With the Aeris Swopper Facelift 2020 the iconic design of the chair has been modernized with small fine details (smaller radii, smoother surfaces, double decorative stitching instead of piping, reduced cuff) and made “fit” for the new decade without diluting the visual recognition value.

The Swopper can be configured in multiple finishes and upholstery options. Check out the design tool here.

In addition, the chair is available in many new seat cover colors and three new modern (matt) frame colors, which make the Aeris Swopper suitable for both office and home environments, e.g. the home office.

The two new wool fabrics also reflect the theme of comfort. And the new fabrics provide an excellent sitting climate (cool in summer, warm in winter). And they also score points in terms of sustainability.

You can specify the Aeris Swopper with the choice of over 50 colors, fabrics, and features. Options include standard padding, or an extra soft seat, castors or gliders and you can even add a backrest.

What do you think our readers will love about the product or service?

The Aeris Swopper offers freedom of movement like no other office chair. This mobility in three dimensions is unique on the market. You feel the difference immediately and will feel fit and awake even after a long working day – simply because you stay in motion all day long. And of course, the health benefits of the active stand-up seat are an especially important aspect. The back no longer hurts, the intervertebral discs are well nourished, the metabolism is stimulated, etc. And added benefit is, additional calories are burnt.

Swopper – the seating that moves in synch with your body!

Furthermore, every Aeris Swopper is handmade in Germany in our manufacturing facility with great care and precision. This guarantees high quality and durability.

Where can our readers go to purchase your products?

Aeris Swopper are available internationally. For availability in the US please contact Via Seating or Fully.

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