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Aeris Swopper Is The Ergonomic Home Office Seating Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

The Aeris Swopper is perfect for home, the office, and everywhere else where work is done sitting down.

Using WELL As A Guide For Healthy Workplace Environment Design

Research backs up healthy workplace environment design and its benefits to employees’ health and wellbeing.

Resimercial Design: The New Path to Workplace Creativity

How resimercial design could prove a lasting and effective strategy for realizing work environments that are happier, healthier, and more creatively nurturing than those of the past.

Keyboard Placement and Sitting “Straight” Are Killing Our Backs

Jean Couch, posture advisor to Google, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, and Brightday, offers a few ergonomic tips that companies rolling out wellness programs can offer to their workforces.

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