Sustainability Spotlight on Bamboo by Frövi

Bamboo by Frövi is a modular zoning system designed to offer a blend of function and efficiency, in the most environmentally conscious way.

Frovi bamboo
Frovi’s Bamboo sets the ambiance in this furniture setting.

The innovative use of materials is a hallmark of Frövi’s product designs. Their newest product introduction, Bamboo by Frövi, hits it out of the park with their overall incorporation of environmentally conscious elements from the recyclable packaging to materials used to fabricate the product. As our workplace planning and design community is pivoting to ensure healthier workplaces are built to meet not only human needs for well being and safety, it is important to look for products that also embrace these concepts.

Tell us a bit about Bamboo.

A close up of the bamboo detailing

Bamboo by Frövi is a modular zoning system designed to offer a blend of function and efficiency, in the most environmentally conscious way. The system can be assembled quickly and easily, with very few fixings. It creates a look that is both pared-back and clean, but still warm and inviting. Designed with our planet in mind, so you don’t need to choose between a more sustainable future or surrounding yourself with stylish products: you can have both.

Crafted using sustainable materials including pressed bamboo, connectors made from 100 percent recycled nylon (PA6) and felt that’s a blend of 70 percent recycled and 30 percent virgin PET – which is most used in the manufacture of plastic bottles. Environmentally conscious design that offers strength, sustainability, versatility, and a green alternative.

The Bamboo by Frövi collection has been created to work in any workspace and to achieve a desired and bespoke zoning solution. The structural frames are available in any of our RAL colors allowing it to be combined with any specified color scheme. There are a host of functional accessories available, such as an easy-to-move mobile table for agile working and felt panels offering acoustic properties; the configurations are endless.

Where will this product have the most impact workplace design?

Bamboo by Frövi will empower architects and designers to create spaces with utility and function and by using materials that are kind to our planet. The options and configurations are endless, and it can be specified in any of our RAL color offering.

Frovi bamboo
The various Bamboo components can be utilized to define space within the open office layout.

Does Bamboo support agile and activity – based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities?

Yes, this product has been born out of the idea of flexibility and is completely configurable to suit its application. Its available with a range of accessories that further promote agile working, namely the mobile table which can be used to quickly re-purpose the space created by the bamboo shelving.

The interactive configurator allows total customization of the layout and components.

Frovi Bamboo

Can you tell a story or give an example of how Bamboo by Frövi will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

One example of how this product can help, is by using our online configurator to quickly plan the system to your project requirements and then use the CAD model produced to add to your scheme.

Matthew Coules, Product Designer was able to provide some additional background information on the design and development of Bamboo.

What was the inspiration for this design of this product?

Predominantly we wanted to provide a new modular zoning system that is environmentally conscious and could be built very easily using a handful of components. The most notable feature is that the frames are triangular. The system is designed to be totally configurable to the designers needs and to provide utility to its surroundings. Visually we wanted to create something totally new and not to follow the ‘grid-like’ design, which is seen a lot across the market currently.

The simplicity of the design lends itself to multiple configuration options.

What innovations in use of materials or fabrication are utilized in the manufacture of this product?

From the word go we have pushed ourselves to use stripped-back materials and components, and for those materials to be as ‘eco-friendly’ as possible. Firstly, all the shelves, cupboards, boxes, and tabletops are made in pressed bamboo which is one of the most sustainable natural materials available. The plastic connectors that hold the system together are 100 percent recycled nylon (PA6) which ironically is used a lot in furniture components in its first life. The felt we use for the panel is 100 percent recyclable and is made with 60 percent recycled PET which is plastic bottles. The packaging for Bamboo by Frövi is also 100 percent recyclable and is made with 80 percent recycled cardboard. Even the powder coating on the steel frames is a kinder form of coating baked at lower temperatures meaning less energy used. 

Where do you think the installation of this product will be most effective?

Inherently this product was designed to be value adding to any kind of workspace, but personally we see Bamboo being great at dividing open collaborative spaces into task specific areas. The two-sided shelving design of the product promotes inclusivity from all angles and its openness provides a soft boundary without segregation.

Bamboo by Frövi
It is apparent how seamlessly Bamboo can be integrated into the workplace.

A year from now what would be the most exciting thing you could think of that would find out about how the product has been accepted, specified, and installed in projects?

We would love for people to gain an understanding of how this product is built so that one day we could offer it in kit form where you buy the components to create exactly what you want, which is what the digital online configurator does for you at the moment. In terms of specification, we would love to see people being creative with this and using the accessories differently, the open box with the translucent back looks really cool with things like plants inside.

Is the product currently available for specification?

We are ready to roll as our launch date was November 9.

The multiple, flexible components can be tailored to meet any kind of work environment.

What about pricing?

The Bamboo by Frövi system is a value adding, cost effective solution to zoning, shelving and storage within your social space and is perfect for anyone looking to achieve a bespoke look for the price of an off the shelf product (excuse the pun). Feel free to contact us for any enquiry on costing.

For more detailed specification and pricing, information can be downloaded here.

Are there any other unique features that would interest our readers?

  • All shelves, cupboards & lockers made from pressed bamboo
  • Configurable for any workspace
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Frames available in RAL color offering
  • Adjustable feet
  • Acoustic felt panel
  • Mobile table for agile working
  • Designed with sustainable materials
  • Online configurator to customize configuration, finishes, and accessories

Where could our readers see Bamboo in person?

It’s in our London Showroom and in our Gibson showroom in New York. Unfortunately, Bamboo by Frövi was meant to be exhibited at Neocon but due to COVID this didn’t happen – we aim to exhibit next year!

Until then, enjoy our video presentations that showcase the product’s design and flexibility:

Frövi Bamboo Videos | All Frövi Videos

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