Keilhauer Introduces The Elegant, Carbon Neutral Swurve Seating Collection

Keilhauer’s first Carbon Neutral product, Swurve™ has been a project of passion for the company’s sustainability team.

The furniture industry has worked diligently to utilize new technologies to improve the sustainability features of their new product introductions. With that in mind, Keilhauer has introduced its Swurve seating collection, their first Carbon Neutral chair.

Designed by Andrew Jones for Keilhauer, the new conference chair features flowing lines and contained proportions. An elegant solution for meeting spaces of all sizes, it brings an organic feeling into the room with distinctive, sculptural design details.

As Keilhauer’s first Carbon Neutral product, Swurve has been a project of passion for the company’s sustainability team. Keilhauer took every possible step to reduce carbon emissions: from sustainably sourcing materials, and responsible manufacturing, to a carefully thought-through end-of-life and recyclability plan. Where carbon emissions remain, such as during transportation, Keilhauer is investing in carbon reduction and climate change mitigation projects to offset. Verified by third parties, every Swurve sold will produce net-zero carbon emissions.

Swurve, Keilhauer’s first Carbon Neutral chair, is built from the highest quality materials, is designed, and manufactured to last for many years, and is supported by Keilhauer’s standard 10-year warranty. Swurve is expected to carry BIFMA level® 2 and SCS Global Services certification for Indoor Air Quality at the Indoor Advantage™ Gold level. It is manufactured in facilities that produce zero waste to landfill and offset 100 per cent of electricity use with renewable energy credits.

Swurve’s environmental footprint is reviewed by a third-party Lifecycle Assessment conforming to ISO 14044 with a cradle to gate scope.

What makes the Swurve Chair a differentiator in the task chair market?

The Swurve chair will impact workplace design because it is the first carbon neutral office chair on the market. It provides a solution that provides designers with a carbon neutral design solution as design moves toward more sustainable mandates.

Swurve fits in seamlessly to many aesthetic environments.

Does this chair support agile and activity – based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities? If so, how?

Swurve is a refined, dynamic solution that can respond to all the varied needs of an agile and activity-based workplace. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and carefully scaled which allows it to be easily be moved and rearranged to create an area that respects physical distance while encouraging collaboration.

Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

The Swurve chair offers an expansive color offering makes the conference chair versatile enough to complement any color scheme. From gentle neutrals to bold, statement-making hues, Swurve is offered in 22 different colors of mesh and is also offered in leather and leather alternative upholstery for environments with increased sanitization needs.

Is Swurve available for specification?

Yes, all the pertinent information to specify Swurve is available on our website. Readers can find our price list here.

What do you think our readers will love about Swurve?

We believe that your readers will love the carbon neutrality of our product as more and more clients and firms mandate more sustainable design. We also believe that the beautiful form and design, along with the 22 colors the Swurve chair is available in make this chair usable in any space.

Swurve’s distinctive, sculptured form reflects the shapes we find in nature. Graceful, swooping arms gradually change thickness and shape as they subtlety twist out from the chair’s body. Connecting behind the chair’s body they appear to grow organically from the seat. The round, curvaceous feeling of Swurve is a byproduct of these design elements.

Swurve in a conference room setting.

Where can our readers see the Swurve chair collection?

We did a digital launch on our website, social and through our rep groups. The product will be exhibited in our showrooms in the coming months. Readers can find their local representative here.

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