Keilhauer’s Wunder Collection Helps Inspire New Ideas In Any Workplace

The Wunder™ collection from Keilhauer supports agile and activity-based workplaces through its variety of product offerings.

Simple, understated elegance is the design ethos of the Wunder collection.

Keilhauer has created a new product line to enhance the workplace experience. We recently connected with them to find out more about how this collection was developed and to introduce it to our readers. From comfortable workspaces to relaxing lounges, the Wunder collection helps to inspire new ideas in any workplace. The combination of comfort and design makes any space feel open, inviting, and free. The collection is made up of two different lounge and side chairs, bar and counter stools, a beautiful bench and soft wood meeting table.

Inspired by Keilhauer’s commitment to Bring Comfort To All, EOOS’ design focuses on this concept. “The whole series is designed around the cushion,” says Martin Bergmann of EOOS. “The cushion is the sign for comfort and where our eyes are drawn. We created the shell to provide a strong profile and help define the cushion in the chair and in space. The Wunder chair presents the cushion as if to say: Welcome and sit down.”

As with all Keilhauer furniture, Wunder is built from the highest quality materials. Wunder is expected to carry BIFMA LEVEL® 2 and SCS Global Services certification for Indoor Air Quality at the Indoor Advantage TM Gold level. It is manufactured in facilities that produce zero.

The scale and proportion of the seating options make for comfortable, casual meeting areas.

How will the product impact workplace design?

Wunder brings a softer more residential feel to the workplace. The wood leg, full cushion and smooth lines has less of a workplace feel and provides a soft contract offering. This allows for an elegant residential feel while the chairs provide the ergonomics needed for work.

Does the product support agile and activity – based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities? If so, how?

This product supports agile and activity-based workplace through its variety of product offerings. The side chair and lounge chair are both designed for collaborative working areas.

The lounge chair is the perfect place to take a break.

Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

The variety and flexibility of the Wunder line offers designers to create comfortable yet hard working spaces, for employees looking for a variety of places to work, during the workday. The soft look and feel allows for more relaxed meetings which enable conversation to flow in a more relaxed setting.

The multiple seating options give designers choice for all applications within the workspace.

Is Wunder available for specification now?

Yes, all information and price list are accessible on our website.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?  

We think the look, feel and versatility of the product will draw designers to the product line. The modern look and natural wood works in any space. The variety of finish options can be viewed on our spec sheet.

The full cushion design detail is utilized throughout the collection and is highlighted in this image.

When and where do you plan to exhibit the Wunder collection?

We did a digital launch on our website, social media and through our reps. The product will be exhibited in our showrooms in the coming months. Readers can find and connect their local rep here and find out about availability of showrooms here.

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