Create Private Offices Without Doors or Walls Using MOS Tall by Three H

MOS Tall dividers by Three H can create reconfigurable private offices that function as spaces for employees to call their own.

MOS TALL™ offers flexibility for more enclosed workspaces as offices are re-thinking their open plan offices.

Three H furniture systems introduces a new method to create workplace ‘avenues’, ‘streets’ and ‘booths’. The MOS Tall™ uses MultiStations open space (MOS) dividers in a new taller format. They simply and easily attach to Three H private offices, open plan, lockers, storage, bench seating and even servery-style products.

Designed to help create natural divisions and places in open spaces, the one inch thick MultiStations open space (MOS) divider panels reach from 64 to 85 inches in height in 7 inch increments and can be ganged to create private office type configurations with openness for adjacent circulation space.

How do you think this product will impact workplace design?

MOS Tall is a clever way to create hallways or ‘streets’ with adjoining locker or seating areas. All easily reconfigured or moved without the huge expense of architectural systems. MOS Tall is well suited for any area that does not require a closed in wall structure.

Free standing elements can incorporate seating or storage areas to define work areas and booths.

Does MOS Tall help create agile and activity – based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities? If so, how?

Yes, there are dividers, that can separate specific spaces for different activities, but they are not permanent, not an architectural wall system, and not thick cubicle panels. MOS Tall panels come in 6-inch increments in widths (from 18 to 48”) and 7-inch increments in heights (from 57to 85 inches). As office facilities are being re-thought, to make more socially distancing appropriate places to work, we think MOS Tall will be a perfect furniture solution to accomplish that goal.

The design team shared some background information on the development of MOS Tall:

The inspiration for the product was to create a system that addressed the need for more privacy and space in the open office environment, by creating more private workspaces without doors or walls. We also wanted to create natural avenues for gathering and chatting as people move through the space throughout the day.

The clean, elegant design utilizes hidden fasteners, so the visual effect is that there are no visible posts between the panels.

Ease of technology integration is a key design attribute. This image shows the power/data distribution feature.

In companies where private offices are not available or cost prohibited. MOS Tall provides a transitional application (between cubicle and private office). This product line fits well with the move to reconfigure offices for returning employees that have more options for the separation that will be desirable for health and safety in the office.

The multiple options available make MOS TALL a great choice for a variety of work activities.

A year from now what would be the most exciting thing you could think of that would find out about how the product has been accepted, specified, and installed in projects?

Our hope would be that an office space fitted out with MOS Tall provides an engaging, natural, open environment and also a sense of security for employees that felt uncomfortable returning to the workplace due to pandemics such as COVID-19. The tall panels would provide additional protection while still maintaining a design aesthetic.

A range of finish options are available to make MOS Tall work in any aesthetic.

What other features would our readers be interested in?

  • Natural travel flow through street-like plans.
  • Compelling spaces to attract employees back to the office.
  • Cost – ability to provide a private office without doors in an open space at a significantly lower cost than building permanent walls.
  • Taller Panels – in today’s environment (i.e. COVID-19), the need for taller panels and social distancing providing a safe environment for employees.
  • Application – ability to provide a solution to companies looking for more private space but limited to an open space environment.
  • Flexibility – MOS Tall allows easy reconfiguration with semi-permanent walls. The space can be reconfigured whether downsizing, upsizing or just re-organizing!
Separate yet open is made possible with the use of MOS TALL panels.

How do you envision end users adopting and using this service to make their workplaces more productive?

The need to provide private spaces for focused work is a major request of people that work in an open office. Our system allows the open aesthetic yet, with a sense of enclosure and privacy, without the need to construct permanent, enclosed offices. 

Anything else we need to know?

MOS Tall provides a cost effective, reconfigurable, easily installed broad range of products that can be integrated with the tall panels that provide privacy and separation. The design aesthetic can work in a variety of environments and the broad range of finishes and options gives designers a lot of choices to make MOS Tall work in their projects.

A convenient, well organized place to work is achieved with MOS Tall components.

When will MOS Tall be available for specification?

We are accepting orders for MOS Tall now. For further information and pricing readers can contact their area representative or check out our showrooms, (check open/availability status). Pricing available upon request.

MOS Tall offers a wide range of options, configuration varies on the size and quantity of panels. It is compatible with the majority of our other casegood, storage and seating products.

For workspaces that require filing and storage, there are many options within the MOS Tall family.

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