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The Next Generation Private Office

Private offices are making a comeback. But these are not your parents’ offices. Personal spaces can play a key role in a flexible, collaborative workplace.

Industry News: Should A Workplace Have A Soundtrack?

Why a future of soundscapes in offices could make us more creative and productive, lure workers back with quiet and privacy, and more news.

Breaking the Mold in Traditional Law Firm Design

Monika Avery of SLAM Collaborative examines how to design the law firms of the future. 

Create Private Offices Without Doors or Walls Using MOS Tall by Three H

MOS Tall dividers by Three H can create reconfigurable private offices that function as spaces for employees to call their own.

Future of Work: How Remote Work Will Change Office Design

Allwork.Space spoke with Tim Mok, Director of Strategy at TPG Architecture, to understand the changes coming our way as teams become increasingly distributed.

How the Design World Is Reacting to the Australia Fires, And Other Industry News

How interior designers are trying to help the devastating bushfire crisis in Australia, color could negatively impact workplace productivity, and more news.

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