MyZone by Air Innovations Offers Personal Comfort For the Return to the Office

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Elise Shapiro
Elise Shapiro
Elise Shapiro is a contributing editor. Little did she know that her first job, in the facilities department at Ralston Purina, while obtaining her M. Arch at Washington University, in St. Louis would foreshadow where her career would lead. She has always been a strong advocate for providing the best possible spaces for people to work – where aesthetics meet function and drive business success.

Physical comfort for health and wellbeing is driving return to the office planning and MyZone by Air Innovations is just the item that you’ll want to know about.

Cleverly designed to seamlessly integrate with most work surface configurations MyZone adds another layer of personal control in the workplace.

As preparations for the return to work accelerate – we are seeing greater emphasis on planning for workplaces that are increasingly focusing on choice and personal comfort for those returning to the office. The good news is that there are options in the marketplace for technology that offers great solutions for facility planners and managers to incorporate these innovative solutions for the individual worker. One company at the forefront of these developments is Air Innovations, based in Syracuse, NY.

Physical comfort for health and wellbeing is driving a lot of planning and they have just the item that may be perfect for our readers to know about now.

MyZone personal desk environment is a console management system that attaches to a personal work surface and combines environmental control, lighting control and lift functions inside a single unit. This desktop management system features a non-fixed controller, allowing users the flexibility to position the controller anywhere on their desk.

How does this product impact workplace design?

The system allows for single point management of your entire workspace while maximizing the users comfort, efficiency, and safety.

People returning to the office are looking for more personal control of their individual space, and MyZone offers that flexibility and control.

What should potential users consider when evaluating the installation of MyZone across their facility?

Considerations when installing these solutions are user (personal) comfort, user safety (Air Quality), power consumption (Ours is the lowest on the market by far), versatility (totally configurable), location of the mounting the lower portion (Vertical or Horizontal), locations of desk penetrations (three required), Type of lift system being utilized, and type of lighting being utilized.

What was the inspiration for the design of MyZone?

The inspiration and continued evolution of the product is to design and facilitate a solution to the critical command and employee focused markets that allows their staff to work as comfortable, efficiently, and safely as possible.

What innovations in use of materials or fabrication are utilized in the manufacture of MyZone?

We are always working to improve the systems DFM (design for manufacturability), by creating wire harnesses, creating sub-assemblies, and utilizing a reflective arc design which maximizes the heat-output without increasing the power draw (Again lowest on the market).

Where do you think the installation of MyZone will be most effective?

The system really could be installed in any office environment; however the best locations so far have been in critical command (Military, Utilities, Air Traffic Control, Stock Trading, 911 Call Centers, etc.), employee centric firms (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.), Historical Buildings that lack proper heating and cooling, and businesses that genuinely want their employees to be safe and healthy utilizing our personal air purification system.

A year from now what would be the most exciting thing you could think of that would find out about how the product has been accepted, specified, and installed in projects?

The most exciting would be either to be offering the product more on a global scale or total installations as employee centric firms and being part of many of the new designs for specifiers (architects designs).

Is there any new technology that is incorporated into the utilization of MyZone?

  • There are several new technologies being utilized that no other, or very few competitive systems offer.
  • Reflective Arc Technology allows you to maximize the heat output without the additional power draw of other systems.
  • Fully customizable, digital interface allows you to change the point of contact of the system to whatever best suits your needs. You can even upload personal pictures or a company logo.
  • Personal air purification system allows you the user the best quality air, directly in the personal space.
  • The combination of all these technologies in one system: cooling, heating, white noise, on/off aux, leg lifts, lighting, calendar, clock, and memory settings.

How do you envision end users adopting and using this service to make their  workplaces more productive?

We envision this becoming a must have at any desk where the users want to maximize efficiency, comfort, a safety. With a single point of contact to manage today’s desktop cockpit, this allows users to simplify their lives similar to how the iPhone has done with combining so many other technologies. We all have different comfort levels when it comes to temperature, this allows the user to adjust to their personal setting, it allows users control their sit/stand desks to maximize their health along with keeping them safer with HEPA filtration built in. In addition, users can adjust the sound setting on a white noise generator to limit some of the background noise a focus on the tasks at hand.

What do you think are the key benefits of this service in today’s workplace environment?

Standard Features include: 

  • Variable Heating & Cooling with adjustable louvers
  • Cord connected controller for flexibility
  • Integrated leg lift control for sit/stand desk
  • Task light dimming
  • Presets for up to 15 users
  • Automatic motion sensor puts system into sleep mode after ten (10) minutes inactivity
  • Adjustable clock and calendar
  • Adjustable white noise generator
  • Optional HEPA Filter

 Key elements include:

  • Greater efficiency
    • single point controls for the entire work area, clock, calendar
  • Lower power consumption
    • By less than half to similar systems
  • Great comfort and person control
    • memory options
    • USB phone charging
    • personalized the home screen
  • Keeping employees safer and healthier (Air Quality) 
We know the workplace will be different as people return to the office, adding more options to personalize individual spaces is one criteria employers are implementing.

What do you think our readers will love about MyZone?

We think they will love the fact that someone finally listened to all the things they wished they had – almost as if they took out their magic wand and put all the technology that could make their lives more efficient and productive, comfortable, and safer in one system, especially as we all go back to the office

Are you able to share any cost information?

Please contact Sam Brown at Air Innovations. With that said, with combining all the technologies into one solution, it’s a major cost savings over the buying each of these things individually.

Do you plan to exhibit at any upcoming trade shows?

We often don’t exhibit directly on or own because it’s important to have context around the system (i.e. a desk), but we are looking to be in desks at the following events this summer:

APCO 8/16-8/17 , Safer Buildings Coalition, San Antonio, TX

Connect with Air Innovations:

Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn | Twitter

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