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return to the office

Culture Versus Convenience: The Realities of Returning to the Office

RSP’s David Serrano and Kari Smith explain lessons learned from the first wave of employees returning to offices across the country and how to embrace company culture in a new way.

Industry News: Companies Aren’t Giving Up on the Return to the Office Just Yet

Ninety percent of companies said they’ll require workers to return in 2023, 12 iconic office designs that redefined the modern workplace, and more news.

How Designers Can Set The Stage For A Flexible Future

Mark Adams & Amy Clark of SmithGroup share what's working for their firm and clients as they continue to evolve to meet today and tomorrow’s needs. 

The Impact of Design on the Return to the Office

If the return to the office is to be successful now, Stuart Finnie of Unispace says a rethink on how the space is used is needed by all.

Return to Work Experience: The Reimagining of the Office as a Destination

Caroline Lemoine from Gensler Austin explores the evolving workplace landscape as organizations return to the office.

The Greatest Problems With The ‘Great Return’

The ‘Great Return’ consists of the post-pandemic push to get workers back into the office. Workers are, for the most part, not happy about the Great Return, which has resulted in what is called the ‘Great Divide.’ 

The Hybrid Workplace: How is it Measured and What is the New Basis for Data?

Ann Hoffman of FCA shares tips for measuring the hybrid workplace and the new performance metrics we should consider.   

Navigating Your Future Workplace: A Roadmap for Re-return to Office

Elizabeth Hyde of PLASTARC offers 10 strategies for our re-return to the office. 

Industry News: Be Pillars of Support to Employees in Hybrid Work Environments

How HR will remain essential in the hybrid workplace, a self-driving office room, and more news from around the web.

6 More Important Considerations For Any Office Space

In order to maximize the value of the office as you make your return, WDM Founder Bob Fox shares six more important considerations.

[Webinar] Navigating the Legal & Logistical Barriers of Going into the Office

After two long years, COVID-19 may shift from pandemic to endemic. If the virus persists, what could that mean for companies planning to return...

6 Important Considerations For Any Office Space

In order to maximize the value of the office as you make your return, WDM Founder Bob Fox shares six important considerations.

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