Allseating’s Eighty Two Task Chair Combines Intelligent Design And Cost-Effective Engineering

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Elise Shapiro
Elise Shapiro
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Allseating’s Eighty Two task chair celebrates the core values on which the company was built: stylish, intuitive, and affordable design.

To pay homage to Allseating’s 40th anniversary, the Eighty Two task chair was envisioned by the company’s CEO and founder, Gary Neil, with the intention of celebrating the core values on which Allseating was built: stylish, intuitive, and affordable design. Eighty Two offers an array of customizable options, while also boasting a modern aesthetic that is astounding for its low cost. Eighty Two’s combination of intelligent design and cost-effective engineering has it poised to hit the market with an impeccable value statement, proving that innovative design should be accessible to everyone.

WDM connected with Paul Vendittelli, President at Allseating, to learn more about the Eighty Two task chair.

WDM: How will the Eighty Two task chair impact workplace design?

Paul: Eighty Two brings us back to the basics, revisiting our priority, as a company, to provide customers with stylish, affordable, and intuitive products. These really are the pillars of the Allseating brand since it was founded in 1982. So in essence, Eighty-Two is a return to our roots. As office design budgets are tight, there is a stronger need, now more than ever, for a task chair that is ergonomic, affordable, and modern. Eighty Two is the solution. It’s a customizable task chair that features a standard adjustable lumbar, an optional seat slider, 3 arm options and adjustable width brackets. With a sheer mesh in 4 different colors, Eighty Two will virtually fit into any workspace whether in the office or in your home.

WDM: Does Eighty Two support agile and activity-based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities? If so, how?

Paul: With the changing needs of office space planning due to new standards for safe distancing, many companies are investing in a redesign as they reopen their offices to both their employees and the public. Eighty Two’s customization meets each company and employee’s needs for ergonomics and sophisticated design. In addition, as some companies move to a hybrid model or let go of their offices altogether, Eighty Two provides a great, affordable solution for finding the perfect at-home office chair.

WDM: Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

Paul: Allseating was founded on the principle of stylish, intuitive and affordable design. The founder of Allseating, Gary Neil, started the company working with his father in the furniture industry. He saw this need in the marketplace for customizable products and great value. Today, Allseating is focusing on these founding principles with Eighty Two being a symbol of Allseating’s first task chairs that started the company in 1982 but with a contemporary design.

When people started working from home, they suddenly needed to create a home office. We found that clients were buying their own chairs based on style and price point, not ergonomics. With Eighty Two, companies can now keep their employees happy and healthy with a chair that balances a modern style to fit any home with proper support.

WDM: What was the inspiration for the design of Eighty Two?

Paul: We knew that we wanted to create a special product to celebrate our 40th anniversary as a company. Given the story behind Eighty Two (stylish, intuitive, affordable design), coupled with how we’ve seen the world change over the past two years, we believe that this product offers what our clients will be looking for as they re-imagine their office space and provide their employees with a work-from-home alternative.

WDM: What innovations in the use of materials or fabrication are utilized in the manufacturing of this product?

Paul: The sheer mesh gives Eighty Two an elevated appearance without raising the price point. Most other chairs at this price point may have a more opaque mesh finish, so we chose this sheer mesh to lighten the chair and give it a more modern aesthetic.

WDM: Where do you think the installation of Eighty Two will be most effective?

Paul: Eighty Two will blend effortlessly into any home or office. Given the significance of its price point coupled with the myriad of ergonomic features such as a headrest, arm options, and seat slider. Companies will be able to revamp their office space or provide a Work From Home option for their employees, all while staying within budget.

WDM: A year from now what would be the most exciting thing you could find out about how the product has been accepted, specified, and installed in projects?

Paul: We would love to see people bringing Eighty Two into both their homes and offices. Sales would be the most exciting element to reflect on next year because it would confirm that we not only addressed a current trend in the marketplace but also that we listened to our customers.

WDM: When will Eighty Two be available?

Paul: December 6, 2021

WDM: What do you think our readers will love about the Eighty Two task chair?

Paul: Eighty Two is a budget-friendly chair with a multitude of customizable options that are not seen on task chairs of that price category. We think readers will truly appreciate how the two have come together.

WDM: What is the price of the Eighty Two task chair?

Paul: The base model is $360 and includes the adjustable lumbar. Adding the task arm brings the light price to $440.

WDM: Are there any unique features that would be of interest to Work Design’s readers?

Paul: Eighty Two comes standard with an adjustable lumbar support as well as a synchro-tilt control, features that are typically offered at an upcharge.

The optional headrest is height adjustable and also has a pivoting feature to assist a variety of users in customized comfort and support.

The sheer mesh gives Eighty Two a fresh and modern aesthetic that will blend into any designer’s space plan.

The three different arm options include a standard height adjustability arm, standard height adjustability with a pivoting arm cap – both of which offer optional width adjustment – and finally, a fixed arm when adjustability is not required.

WDM: When and where do you plan to exhibit the product?

Paul: Eighty Two was initially featured at NeoCon 2021.

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