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How to Design Workplaces for Neurodivergent Employees

Motionspot's Jason Slocombe explores how workplaces can be designed to better meet the needs of neurodivergent employees.

Allseating’s Eighty Two Task Chair Combines Intelligent Design And Cost-Effective Engineering

Allseating's Eighty Two task chair celebrates the core values on which the company was built: stylish, intuitive, and affordable design.

Hush, It’s the Future of Work Calling!

PLASTARC explores how acoustic pods can help employees returning to the office adapt and customize their surroundings. 

Furniture’s Role in Workspace Well-Being

The Kimmerle Group outlines 5 ways that modern office design and furniture can improve employee health and well-being.

Four Easy Ways to Make Your Home Office Healthier

If your most common workplace of today is home, then it’s essential to think about ways in which you can make your home office healthier.

Wellness in the Home Workplace

How to take cognitive, emotional and physical well-being best practices from the office office to your home office.

Ergonomically Designed Workspaces Can Break Employee’s Bad Posture Habits

Can dynamic workspace design really help employees break their slouching habits?

Using WELL As A Guide For Healthy Workplace Environment Design

Research backs up healthy workplace environment design and its benefits to employees’ health and wellbeing.

Success Is On The Move: The Impact Of Personalized Workplace Design

The future of workplace design is engaging with individuals and asking them what they want from their space.

Ask What Your Workspace Can Do for You, And Other Industry News

Our spaces shape us just as we shape them, why retailers and coworking spaces are continuing to comingle, and more industry news.

Novus Introduces CLU Duo Monitor Arm

Novus's new CLU Duo Monitor Arm is designed to improve comfort and maximize workspace.

Keyboard Placement and Sitting “Straight” Are Killing Our Backs

Jean Couch, posture advisor to Google, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, and Brightday, offers a few ergonomic tips that companies rolling out wellness programs can offer to their workforces.

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