Joanne Ryu’s ‘One’ Design Submission – Student Winner in Collaboration

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Emma Weckerling
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Meet Joanne Ryu, a student at Boston Architectural College and her winning submission in the Collaboration category. Thanks to our partner Tango, Joanne has been awarded a generous scholarship. Check out her full submission below. 

Joanne Ryu

We recently connected with Joanne to learn more about what she’s been up to since she submitted.

“I thought that it would be interesting to add a playground-like workspace, a place where we can get out of the house, meet people, enjoy team-working, and move furniture around when it needs a new purpose. We act differently depending on spaces, if we can bring employees maximum positive energy into the work environment, it will directly impact the employee’s productivity. We all experienced disconnection & isolation during the pandemic. We see the people on the our screens everyday, but feel like we don’t know them. So, when I think about our future work environment, it is to collaborate with people.”

Check out the slideshow and summary of Joanne’s submission below:

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The Corona pandemic changed our lives in many ways. The virus caused global communities, no matter the age, gender, and race, to retreat into isolation, depression, and anxiety. Correspondingly, the pandemic triggered work systems around the world to be more disconnected for employees, and our new virtual life has affected and changed our work environment. The project goal is to maximize color & positive energy in our space. The design concept for ‘One’ Design is inspired by Guell Park, Spain, which is known for the most colorful space in the world. This colorful & hopeful workspace will give an opportunity for employees to develop their creative thinking as well as to cure any isolation, anxiety, and depression from home-working. It is to bring maximum flexibility for virtual life and to have a dynamic, active, productive space. Most importantly, it will be a meaningful space where people can enjoy to work together with many work options, colorful materials, natural light and artificial light with decorative chandeliers. The floor plan aims to have dynamic shape with adjacency and maximize natural daylights. Diverse functional seating arrangement and flexible furniture layouts to collaboration. The design offers a designated sanitation area, VR room, Zoom meeting area, semi-private consultant area and employees’ well-being area. This will provide employees a fun place to work, new methods of mobile furniture and revitalize our workplace with our new ‘work trend’ Ultimately, ‘One’ Design will be a fun place, where people feed on the positive energy resulting from its bright ambiance and colors as well as an inviting place for potential clients. It will increase our humanity, mobility, flexibility for our ‘new normal’ with technology. Also the optimized work environments will keep the atmosphere active and safe, rearrange employees’ experience, and enable flexible clients’ service. As a result, this new workspace concept will bring more productive human fact in our “New Normal.”

Here’s what our jurors had to say about her submission:

“The designer takes a cue from a lively and engaging park in Spain to inform and inspire the same feelings of light, vibrancy and positivity into the workplace.”

A special thank you to Tango, our 2022 Scholarship Sponsor! Learn more about Tango:



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