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2022 competition winner

Hanbury’s Community Design Laboratory – Winners in New to World Solutions Category

Meet the Hanbury team and their winning ‘Community Design Laboratory’ submission in the New to World Solutions category.

Eastlake Studio’s ‘Phoenix: Hunter’s Helper’ – Winners in the Flex-Work / Coworking Category

Meet the Eastlake Studio team and their winning ‘Phoenix: Hunter's Helper’ submission in the Flex-Work / Coworking category.

Drumbeat’s INDUSTRY SLC Submission – Winners in the Office Building Category

Meet the Drumbeat team and their winning 'Modern Office Space Through Design and Adaptive Reuse' (INDUSTRY SLC) submission in the Office Building category.

Moodsonic – Winners in the Return to Office Category

Meet the team behind the winning Moodsonic submission in the Return to Office category. Check out the full submission below!

JLL’s The Whole Experience – Winners In The Amenities & Experiences Category

Meet the JLL Experience/Spaces team and their winning 'The Whole Experience' submission in the Amenities & Experiences category.

DESIGN+BUILD Workspace’s CONNECT, A Universal Co-Create Space – Furniture + DEI Winners

Meet the DESIGN+BUILD Workspace team and their winning 'CONNECT, A Universal Co-Create Space' submission in the Furniture and DEI categories.

KKT Architects’ Work from the Cloud Submission – Winners in ‘Pie in the Sky’ Category

Meet the KKT Architects team and their winning Work from the Cloud submission. Our jurors loved this submission so much, they created a new 'Pie in the Sky' category for them.

The Reseat Enterprise Tool – Sustainability Category Winner

Meet the Reseat team and their winning Reseat Enterprise Tool submission in the Sustainability category.

SLAM Collaborative’s CollaborEATs – Winners in WellBeing + Greatest Impact Award

Meet the SLAM Collaborative team and their winning CollaborEATs submission in the WellBeing + Greatest Impact Award categories.

Kelly Jahn Interior Architecture & Design’s Neighborhood Clubhouse – Work From Home Category Winner

Meet Kelly Jahn of Kelly Jahn Interior Architecture & Design and her winning Neighborhood Clubhouse submission in the Work from Home category.

Hanisha Rudhraraju’s NURDLE Submission – Student Winner in Wellbeing + Greatest Impact Award

Meet Hanisha Rudhraraju, a student at Drexel University and her winning submission in the Wellbeing category & Greatest Impact Award.

Joanne Ryu’s ‘One’ Design Submission – Student Winner in Collaboration

Meet Joanne Ryu, at student at Boston Architectural College and her winning submission in the Collaboration Category.

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