Kelly Jahn Interior Architecture & Design’s Neighborhood Clubhouse – Work From Home Category Winner

Meet Kelly Jahn of Kelly Jahn Interior Architecture & Design and her winning Neighborhood Clubhouse submission in the Work from Home category. You can keep up with what’s next for Kelly Jahn by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

Kelly Jahn 


Kelly Jahn
Principal Architect
Kelly Jahn Interior Architecture & Design

We connected with the Kelly Jahn to see how her submission has evolved since entering the competition.

“The first tenants of Dunnwood Green Apartment complex move in this week and I’m anxious to observe the clubhouse in use. Building 1, opening mid-August, and Building 2, slated to open spring 2023, are fully leased. Building 3, soon to begin construction, will begin leasing next year. Tenants demographics include retired couples, empty nesters, young families, young professionals, and local college students.

The clubhouse has been a major draw for potential tenants and received a lot of attention throughout the community. Many tenants have requested access to the space before their lease begins. The management team has hosted tenant events in the space but is limiting daily access until Building 1 opens, as they finish up punch-list items. I will be working with the management team to document use through surveys, interviews, and observation over the next year.”

Check out the slideshow and summary of the submission below:

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Neighborhood Clubhouse – A Work From Home Alternative

In 1989 Ray Oldenburg published a book called The Great Good Place, in which he discusses the importance of third spaces. Oldenburg’s use of the term third space was in reference to coffee shops, bookstores, airports, or any other space people find to work outside of a traditional office setting. Over the past two decades the idea of third spaces became intentionally designed into our workplaces, our universities, and our homes. As we move into a post pandemic world where offices become hybrid work environments, schools maintain the option for remote learning, and people are seeking social interaction, will third spaces move back into the community?

The Neighborhood Clubhouse, serving a large, newly constructed apartment community, was designed during the height of the pandemic. The clubhouse is a collection of third spaces designed to encourage neighborly gathering, promote pride of place, build community, and provide a safe space to work, learn, and socialize outside of your apartment. Sometimes the neighborhood pub, other times a coffee house, event space, co-working space, tutoring center, or fitness center, the clubhouse will serve as the anchor of the community. The unique spaces within the clubhouse are right sized for small gatherings or designed to flow together for larger events. The Scandinavian influenced, biophilic design approach is carried through all aspects of design from building form and fenestration pattern to interior layout and design, material application, furniture selection, and art and accessory specification. The use of a nature inspired color and material palette, the abundance of natural light, physical and visual connection to the outside, and use of plants and green walls throughout, creates a warm, comfortable space, which appeals to a multi-generational community.

  • Designed: 2020
  • Construction Start: Winter / Spring 2021
  • Construction Completion: November 2021
  • Opening: December 2021

Here’s what our jurors had to say about this submission:

  • “I love this one. I thought this was a high-design concept. Great Space. Great treatment. Nice variety. Lots of flexibility.”
  • “This neighborhood Hub is about building the community while it is literally in the community. I really like this one.”
  • “I really like this, to serve an apartment community, newly constructed buildings. This sort of very mixed use space offers many things.”

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