Megan Gooden’s bizwell Submission – Student Winner in New to the World Solutions + Wellbeing

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Meet Megan Gooden, a student at Washington University in St. Louis and her winning submission in the New to the World Solutions and Wellbeing categories. Thanks to our partner Tango, Megan has been awarded a generous scholarship. Check out her full submission below. 

Megan Gooden

We recently connected with Megan to learn more about what she’s been up to since she submitted.

“Following the Next Work Environment Competition submission, I found plenty of resources on data analytics and identified some technology and research companies (IBM, Cloudera, Humanyze, etc.) that use data science at the forefront of their business. Bizwell has taken quite the turn from being mainly a designer-driven platform to trusting technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence modeling to recommend products and configurations. I also invested more research into the IWBI’s core concepts to better define the “wellness scorecard” parameters (and have successfully convinced myself that I should become a WELL Accredited Professional). I connected with workplace manufacturer representatives to provide updates on the selection of included furniture. Finally, since I believe this is non-negotiable as a designer, I invested additional energy into Bizwell’s branding and graphics to reflect the platform’s mission as best as possible.

To sum it up better, I am having fun. This is a passion project for me outside of a submission to the NEXT Competition that combines many areas of interest (workplace strategy, graphic design, well design, and data analytics) – I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity I had to submit this proposal.”

Check out the slideshow and summary of Megan’s submission below:

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Bizwell is a partnership platform that leases designer-determined furniture configurations from manufacturers to organizations. Designed with wellness in mind, bizwell aims to improve workplace wellness by providing carefully curated products picked by a team of interior designers and workplace strategists. Using the WELL Building Standards’, from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), core concepts of air, movement, sound, connection, light and materials as a standard for product selection, bizwell aims to achieve a high wellness score for each configuration. Each product is researched by the bizwell team before its configuration, then categorized by user group affiliation and workplace setting optimization for ease of implementation. Through the platform, organizations can view the configurations before renting to determine which option is the best fit for their existing workplace strategy. Leveraging big data models, employees can share real-time feedback, ratings, and issues during implementation so that organizations can collect day-to-day data to better understand the workplace needs of employees and inform upcoming purchases that align with their future work aspirations. The wellness score plus the individual product details and ratings are accessible via the platform to promote wellness workplace transparency. The intention is to amass enough wellness metrics and business data, relate those findings to organizations and allow them to purchase products and configurations that contribute to a productive, healthy work environment.

Here’s what our jurors had to say about her submission:

“Of course there’s an app for that! This design student marries technology with a program to assist in ensuring that furniture that is no longer needed in one company finds a new life elsewhere.”

A special thank you to Tango, our 2022 Scholarship Sponsor! Learn more about Tango:



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