Why You Need a Workplace Super App

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Emma Weckerling
Emma Weckerling
Emma is the Former Managing Editor of Work Design Magazine.

As more companies continue to adapt to new ways of working, CXApp shares how The Workplace SuperApp™ can help keep employee and workplace experiences streamlined and connected.

Companies around the world have faced unprecedented changes over the last few years as we’ve tried to balance in-person and remote work. Hybrid workplaces are now the norm, but how can larger enterprise companies learn to adapt to this new way of working? They’re often stuck solving one workplace challenge at a time, but what they really want is a scalable and much simpler workplace experience that reduces app overload and provides one-touch access to everything their company has to offer their employees. That’s why perspectives are shifting towards a ‘super app’ for the workplace.

CXApp, The Workplace SuperApp™, is like your very own digital Swiss army knife for workplace experience. Their technology consolidates the services, features, and functions of the workplace tech stack into a single, easy-to-use mobile app. Their all-in-one employee app powers a seamless workplace experience for employees and enables operations and facilities teams to gather contextual, location-based insights on their global campuses so they can make faster, data-driven decisions across the workplace. Today’s workplaces deserve a mobile-first solution that can bring the pieces together to create a frictionless experience for everyone.

Get To Know Innovative Features w/ The Workplace SuperApp

With over 250 workplace features, 100+ integrations, and a growing partner ecosystem, CXApp has streamlined the complexities of hybrid workplace tools that employees need to stay focused and productive as they collaborate with peers and connect with one another, virtually and in-person. Their industry-leading capabilities include:

Elevated Workplace Experience

Reduce app overload and make accessing the workplace easier with one secure SSO login into one mobile app. Invest in a workplace experience partner that evolves with you throughout your journey as you transform your company to meet your employees’ current needs.

Boost Employee Engagement

Engage with employees in a more personal and effective way. Use mobile notifications and on-demand features to offer your employees interactive newsfeeds, forums and polls that invite them to absorb, like and share their support for company and peer generated content such as articles, podcasts and videos.

Better Managed Meeting Room and Desk Reservations

Effortlessly manage seating and room allocation with fine-tuned, fully customizable desk and room management features, designed for busy hybrid teams. Allow employees to make informed decisions on when and where they show up, with real-time access to available desks and meeting spaces that make up the hybrid workplace.

Reliable Return to Office Touchpoints

Position your office as a secure hub for collaboration, networking, and innovation. Use a corporate mobile app to automate routine interactions, monitor on-site occupancy, quickly identify used & unused spaces, and provide insights on how to better utilize your offices.

Scalable Employee Onboarding

Standardize your hybrid workplace onboarding program. Give new employees the tools and support they need to thrive on their first day and every day with an employee engagement app created with distributed teams in mind.

Workplace Automation

Embrace a connected device strategy with workplace IoT. Leverage beacons, sensors, and access points to unlock the potential of your physical spaces with a workplace experience app that ties everything together.

The Future of Workplace Technology

In the next three to five years, every company with at least 2,000 employees or more will need to have an employee app program in place to manage their workforce.

How do you know if you need a mobile app for workplace experience? If you’re a large company with more than one location, offer flexible work schedules, or are trying to achieve ’A Great Place to Work’ status, the answer is yes, you do! The Workplace SuperApp™ provides everything you need to service the expanding workplace market with a one app solution that solves multiple use cases and scales with you.

See CXApp In Action

You can plan to see CXApp at several WorkTech events (including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and more) as well as CoreNet Global, Future Offices, and their own custom events.

Every workplace has unique problems to solve and challenges they are facing –  CXApp believes that they can help you be the hero of your story. Their workplace experts are happy to chat and eager to listen. Get in touch, here.

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