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Alexis Ramos

Alexis Ramos is a Content Creator and UX Consultant at Work Design Magazine. As someone who is naturally empathetic and creative, Alexis is passionate about leveraging technology to create positive change in the world. When it comes to "work design" topics, Alexis' interests lie heavily in biophilia and user-friendly technology that help make the workplace a seamless and stress-free place to be. When she's not generating SEO-optimized, witty pieces for us, you can usually find her spending time with her rescue greyhound, Cairo.

M Moser Associates’ NYC Office Reshapes Work in their Living Lab

M Moser Associates gets a new office packed with technological innovations that reshaped the way their employees work after several years of preparation.

ITOKI Adopts Activity-Based Working in their New Tokyo HQ

A Japanese furniture company, ITOKI, establishes a new HQ in Tokyo that empowers employees to stay productive and creative.

Ware Malcomb Redesigns a Coworking Space for the Foodies and Techies

Ware Malcomb redesigns Soylent Innovation Lab, a coworking space, that helps to cater to their food, beverage, and tech companies. 

The Coven Makes Magic in their Women-Only Coworking Community

The Coven, a women's only coworking space,  believe that when women, non-binary, and trans individuals come together in a community, they make magic.

A Hollywood HQ Designed to Impact Creativity and the Creative Process

Located in the heart of the entertainment capital in Hollywood, ELA, a global creative agency is housed in a neo-classic façade.

German Designers Turn a Former Logistics Building into a Natured Space

A German architecture firm turns a former logistics building into a well-natured office environment to serve its clients employees.

A Cleveland Design Firm Expands its Office to Foster Creativity

Vocon sought to renovate and expand its Cleveland space to create a headquarters with a vibrant workplace culture while actively fostering creativity and collaboration.

KPMB Architects New Toronto Office Space Is Client-Inspired

KPMB Architects new Toronto office incorporates motifs and materials often utilized in client projects by using open work zones, exposed concrete and more.

Gardner Builders Gets a Play on Hospitality through Their New Space

The new home for Gardner Builders, was themed with a play on their motto “a construction firm in the hospitality business.” with a flexible environment.

An Old Mall Comes to Life as Indeed’s first Arizona Office

An odd space in an old retail mall gets reimagined, by Specht Architects, into a fantastic work environment that fits Indeed’s rigorous, niche work culture.

Kickernick’s Historical Building Weaves its Past with a New, Modern Identity

Building on its Historical Past, Studio BV re-imagines an over 100-year-old building by celebrating its hidden past with a new, modern identity.

Ford’s Research and Innovation Center Reflects the Unique Ecosystem of Silicon Valley

Furthering its resolution to become “the leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics,” Ford has deepened its investment in Palo Alto, by renovating two previously vacant buildings to significantly expand its existing Research and Innovation Center.

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