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Amarpreet Sethi

"Amarpreet leads DLR Group’s High Performance Design Team. She uses her knowledge of climate-responsive design, daylighting, HVAC systems, and energy efficient techniques as part of integrated design teams to deliver high-performing buildings for clients and users. She leads a team of designers and building performance analysts within the firm that strive to use science to design better buildings. Embedded in every DLR Group studio, high performance designers aim to deliver high performing buildings, net zero or near net zero buildings, deep green buildings, and carbon neutral regenerative design while shifting the minimum standard of design by providing metrics that highlight the value of high performance design. Amarpreet has specialized experience designing solutions to enhance indoor environmental quality, energy performance, high performance envelope design, and HVAC and carbon emissions. Her interests in sustainable design began while she was obtaining her architecture degree in India, leading her to achieve a Master’s in Energy and Climate Studies. She is a Certified Energy Manager, an ASHRAE certified Building Energy Modeling Professional, a High-Performance Building Design Professional, and is LEED and WELL accredited."

Sustainable Design Features that Improve User Experience, Health, and Productivity

Focusing on indoor environmental quality to optimize building performance and enhance employee productivity, attentiveness, and well-being.

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