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Bernice Boucher

Bernice Boucher is a Managing Director in JLL’s Strategic Consulting group. She is Head of the Workplace Strategy Practice in the Americas and is a senior leader in the Workplace Solutions practice globally. Her rich experience working with Fortune 100 companies and corporate real estate groups adds an additional level of expertise to JLL’s consulting practice. She has more than 18 years of experience in workplace strategy and change management and is expert in advising clients on enhancing the productivity of their people, their workplace, and their real estate portfolio.

The Next Normal: Preparing The Post-COVID Workplace

Preparing for our "next normal" could be a chance to revitalize our workplaces and help shape the future.

5 Tips for Managing Workplace Disruption During the COVID-19 Pandemic

JLL's Bernice Boucher shares some tips for ensuring employees have the tools and support they need to be productive, effective and connected while working remotely.

12 Days of Trends: Open seating can be anonymous—don’t let it.

Trend 6 of 12: Four ways to enhance workplace personalization—and in turn, community, purpose and performance

In an era of constant disruption, is your workplace ready to survive and thrive?

JLL's Bernice Boucher offers some strategies that can help you improve agility while delivering a unique employee experience.

The Art And Science Behind Flexible Work Trends

Ready to bring individuality to the workplace, large-scale? JLL provides five key considerations for creating a flexible environment where employees want to work, engage, create, and innovate.

CEOs Weigh-In From Davos: Transforming the Workplace is Key to Survival

Bernice Boucher and Ed Nolan recap JLL's panel at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos where a group of CEOs and senior-level executives discussed how organizations are adapting to prepare for the future of work.

The Human Touch: Four Ways the Workplace is Becoming More Human-Focused

Today, employees are seeking environments that are more mobile, flexible, and personalized. JLL's Workplace Strategy Lead, Bernice Boucher outlines four major ways the workplace is changing for the better. 

Your Workplace, Your Culture: Do You Like What You See?

How to enhance brand experience through the workplace.

5 Ways Your Workplace Will Be Unrecognizable in 2026

Fast forward 10 years: what will your workplace look like?

Is Your Office Designed for Inclusion?

How to design your workplace to support employees of all abilities.

Workplace Utilization Strategies that Pass the Common Sense Test

Bernice Boucher on finding the right tools to measure how people are using your space.

How Does an Office Dress for Success?

The physical manifestation of company culture in workplace design is a critical part of employee engagement.

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