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Betsey Banker

Betsey Banker is the Wellness Market Manager, CWWS, CWWPM at Ergotron. With over a decade of experience working for a leading manufacturer of ergonomic and sit-stand display mount solutions, Betsey has experienced firsthand the transformative impact that movement can have on worker wellbeing. At Ergotron, Betsey is a trainer, catalyst and coach, helping others to understand and embrace the importance of movement within their own lives and those they influence. Her responsibilities include raising awareness of the harmful impacts of a sedentary workstyle, creating tools to aid organizations in the adoption and implementation of movement–friendly workstations and helping them achieve measurable results.

Designing the Workplace for Every Generation

Design should not only be a tactic for recruiting the next generation of talent, but also to to ensure the space equally supports wellness, engagement and productivity for all generations.

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