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Chip DeGrace

As Director of Design Purpose, Chip DeGrace engages with Interface’s most strategic end-user corporate accounts and the principal A&D firms that service them. He is the longest-tenured designer at Interface, successfully practicing in the disciplines of product, applications, communications, sustainability and the built space. He focuses on amplifying the power of the built space to support the health and wellbeing of its users and the urgent role it plays in our fight against climate change. His experience in cross disciplinary design execution gives him practical experience on not only the “what” of effective and responsible workplace but the “how”. DeGrace joined Interface in 1989 and has since held a number of design and leadership positions involving Interface’s creative design and brand, most recently as Executive Creative Director for global brand creative and Vice President Creative for Interface’s consumer brand, FLOR. Before becoming part of the team that launched FLOR in 2003, he served as Vice President of Creative Strategies and Director of Brand Management for the Interface commercial brand. Earlier in his career, he worked as a designer in the cross-disciplinary studio Design Bridge and as a commercial interior designer for the Chicago-based firms The Environments Group and ISD.

How Sensory Design Can Create Efficient Workplaces

Interface's Chip DeGrace shares why considering a holistic approach to sensory design is necessary to help employees focus and limit distraction. 

Workplace of the Future: Designing to Recruit Top Talent

Interface's Chip DeGrace explains why companies need to design spaces that are representative of the diverse job functions that reside in a given workplace in order to recruit and retain top talent.

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